• Concussion Information

    Concussions are a hot topic in the news and secondary school sports. Secondary school athletes are particularly secceptible to concussions and their effects as adoloecent brains are still in developmental stages. Information on this page is intended to help educate parents and athetes about concussions. If parents or athletes have any questions about concussion or think they (or their child) may have sustained a concussion, they should report this to Head Athletic Trainer, Carla Parker. 


    Basic Information

    - A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) that can change the way a person's brain normally works.

    - A concussion is caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body. that may or may not involve physical contact. 

    - Concussions can occur with or with out loss of concousness. 


    Common Myths

    - If you dont get knocked out its not a concussion

    - If you didnt get hit in the head it cant be a concussion

    - If you have a concussion a parent must wake you up every two hours during the night. 

    - You just got your bell rung, youre fine.

  • G'feller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act

    The G'feller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act was drafted and implemented to protect the saftey of student-athletes in North Carolina and was signed into law on June 16, 2001 by Governor Beverly Purdue. There are 3 major areas of focus in the law and these include: education, emergency action postconcussion protocol implementation, and clearance/return to play following a concussion. A copy of the G'feller-Waller Concussion Act can be found here. Each school should maintain documentation that they are in compliance with the law.

  • Postconcussion Return to Play Information

    Recovering from a concussion is unique to each indiviual injury. No two concussions or atheltes will heal at the exact same rate. Some may experience symptoms differently and for varying amounts of time.  Our students are very committed to both their academic and athletic activites. Its importnat that they are supported approriatley during their recovery and given the neccesary recovery time in both academics and athletics. 

    Many parents may not have experienced the return to play (RTP) process and that can cause frustration and confusion for both parent and athletes. After an athletes sustains a concussion during an athletic or other event on campus they will be evaluated by the Head Athletic Trainer at W-S Prep. Once a suspected concussion has been determined, the child will be referred to a physician for evaluation per the G'Feller-Weller Act, The athlete should not be taken to the emergency room unless they begin to worsen as the emergency room is not allowed to make decisions upon the initial visit. The physician will evaluate the child and may make recomendations for academic and athletic restrictions. They may be requiered to see that physician for a follow up appointment depending on the intial findings. Once a child has been cleared to start RTP progression by the physician, we can conduct RTP steps on site at W-S Prep. The child will follow a sequential 5-step process. Those steps are as follows:

    Stage 1- Light cardiovascular activty for 20 minutes in a dark/quite enviroment

    Stage 2 - Moderate cardiovascular activity for 30 minutes followed by 25 sit ups, 25 push ups, and 25 lugnes

    Stage 3 - Vigorus cardiovascular activity for 30 minutes followed by 50 sit ups, 50 push ups, 50 lunges, and Sports Specific agility drills. 

    Stage 4 - Warm up and stretch, Participate in a intense non contact practice drills for 30-60 minutes.

    Stage 5 - Participate in full contact drills at practice.

    Full Return to play. 

    Only one stage can be completed per day. If signs or symptoms return during any stage activity will be stopped. The child will refrain from activity until signs and symptoms have resolved for at least 24 hours. The athlete will resume RTP at the last stage succusfully completed. 

    Physician may or may not require the child to be seen again between stages 4 and 5. Permission can be delegated to a certified athletic trainer that would not require the patient to be seen in the office as long as no symptoms are reported during RTP. 

    Any child diagnosed with a concussion while at W-S Prep must complete this process in order to regain athletic elegibility reguarless of how much time has passed since the concussion was diagnosed. If there are any questions or concerns about RTP please email Head Athletic Trainer, Carla Parker


    A copy of the concussion packet can be found below

    Concussion Packet