Summary: The treasurer is an elected officer and the authorized custodian of all funds of PTSA. Some responsibilities of the office are specified in the unit bylaws and others are established by North Carolina State PTA procedures. The treasurer’s duties also include keeping records and preparing reports to comply with local, state and federal laws.
    Time Commitment: Meetings; budget preparation; expense report management (approx. 9 hours per month).
    Duration: 1 year term; year-round commitment.
    Important Dates: PTSA meetings - Every second Monday of the month from August through May of the current school year from 5:30 p.m. to approximately 6:30 p.m. Additional meetings, events, and activities deemed appropriate by the association.
    Accountable To: PTSA President
    Ongoing: Require two signatures on all checks. Submit up-to-date budget to President one week prior to each meeting. Provide budget update to Board at each meeting. Track and record all financial transactions. Deposit all monies promptly in the unit PTSA bank account. Pay by check all bills duly authorized. Comply with due dates set by district PTA. Reconcile bank statement upon receipt. Collect and submit membership dues to the NCPTA office by the 15th of each month.  

    Attend workshops offered by council or district PTA.

    Obtain financial records and materials such as supplies, ledger, checkbook, tax records, and procedure book from predecessor.

    File signature cards for PTSA account at bank.

    Develop proposed Budget.


    Present proposed budget to the Board and work with Board to make edits.

    Staff Breakfast.

    Orientation and Open House.

    1. By August 31, confirm in the NCPTA database that our PTSA’s Annual Financial Review has been completed and the results reported to our PTSA’s Board of Directors.
    September: Attend first General PTSA meeting and present budget.
    November: File an annual Form 990 as required by the IRS and confirm filing date in NCPTA database by November 15.
    December: Second General PTSA meeting.
    May: Third General PTSA meeting.
    June: Transition Meeting.
Last Modified on August 18, 2019