Summary: The Secretary shall keep an accurate, concise, permanent record of the proceedings of all meetings of the PTSA and of the Board. These minutes are the legal record of PTSA. Minutes contain a record of action taken by the group with action recorded in the order it took place.
    Time Commitment: Meetings; editing and distribution of minutes (approx. 3 hours per month).
    Minutes shall contain: Name of the association and kind of meeting (General Membership, Board, special); date, time and location of meeting; name and title of presiding officer; attendance list; disposition of minutes of previous meeting – whether approved/corrected; statement of account as given and list of bills approved for payment; summarized reports of other officers and chairs (important reports such as budget should be attached to the minutes); record of each motion voted upon, the name of the member who made the motion, and whether adopted or defeated (the name of the member who seconded the motion is not recorded); if counted vote requested, record if a quorum or majority was needed and the number for and against the motion; copy of any resolutions adopted; record of results of any election and votes cast; brief notation of program topic, names of participants, and method of presentation; time of adjournment; and signature of secretary using own given name and date approved.
    Duration: 1 year term; year-round commitment.
    Important Dates: PTSA meetings - Every second Monday of the month from August through May of the current school year from 6:00 p.m. to approximately 7:00 p.m. Additional meetings, events, and activities deemed appropriate by the association.
    Accountable To: PTSA President
    Ongoing: During meetings the Secretary will take attendance (by voice or sign-in sheet), check for quorum, present the minutes of the previous meeting, take minutes, and count votes. The Secretary must keep these items on hand at all meetings: minutes of the previous meeting and pertinent attached reports, agenda, current Bylaws and standing rules, current membership list, list of all Board members, and material for minute taking. After the meeting it is the Secretary’s responsibility to ensure the approved minutes are included in the permanent record of the PTSA.

    Attend workshops offered by council or district PTA.

    Review all material received from previous Secretary and familiarize yourself with the Bylaws.


    Staff Breakfast.

    Orientation and Open House.

    September: First General PTSA meeting.
    December: Second General PTSA meeting.
    May: Third General PTSA meeting.
    June: Transition Meeting.
Last Modified on August 18, 2019