• STEM Clubs

    After school STEM clubs are a great way to extend and enrich your experience at Hanes.  We offer a variety of STEM Clubs that are available to all students in grades 6-8.  Some are competitive and meet weekly while others meet less frequently.  If your child is interested in participating in an after school STEM Club you may contact the coach directly.  See below for our STEM Club overviews. 


    For questions please contact Natalie Norman at nanorman@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 




    Target Audience 

    First Lego League


    In FIRST Lego League students build and program a LEGO robot that will accomplish certain tasks and research a particular problem and develop an innovative solution to the problem.

    M. Wicker

    6th – 8th Graders

    Future City



    Future City Competition is a national competition in the United States that focuses on improving student's math, engineering, and science skills.

    J. Boyd

    6th – 8th Graders

    Math Club /Mathcounts

    During the school year, students work math problems to improve problem-solving skills. Various math contests are offered throughout the year.

    N. Cross 

    A. Cross

    6th – 8th Graders

    National Academic League

    Students study math, science, geography, world history, and language arts. In the game, students prepare presentations about current events, and/or answer questions.

    C. Haas

    J. Flanagan

    6th – 8th Graders

    Odyssey of the Mind



    OM is a creative problem-solving competition, team members work together at length to solve a predefined problem (the Long-term Problem); and present their solution to the problem at a competition.

    J. Solis

    6th – 8th Graders

    Rocket Club

    Rocket Club is a non-competitive club for students to build and fly model rockets.

    D. Draper

    6th Graders

    Science Olympiad



    Science Olympiad is a national competition that offers students a wide range of science and technology-based challenges to participate in. 

    D. Draper

    6th – 8th Graders




    Two teams of 8 students build rockets that must fly to a certain altitude, return to the ground in a certain period of time and carry three raw eggs that do not break.

    D. Draper


    7th – 8th Graders


    The Technology Student Association (TSA) is devoted exclusively to the needs of students interested in STEM. TSA students have the opportunity to compete in over 30 different competitive events.

    N. Norman

    6th – 8th Graders


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