Who should be involved in PTA?

    (If you answer yes to any one of the questions below YOU should!)

     Do you love what NWMS PTA does?*      Do you dislike what NWMS PTA does?**     Do you have no clue what the NWMS PTA does?***



    *If you love what we do that’s GREAT but we can still use your help to continue doing what we do! Every year we lose great volunteers as their kids move on to high school or families move, etc.


    **If you dislike what we do, then joining the PTA will allow you to work with other volunteers to potentially make productive changes. All our amazing volunteers have busy lives but want to make our school the best it can be. Events may not always go smoothly as we hoped but that’s okay, we are all perfectly imperfect and learning as we go.


    ***If you have no clue what we do that’s okay but we’d love to change that! Have you been ever sent in items for Teacher Luncheons? Attended Awards Day? Have you purchased a School Spirit Shirt or participated in a fundraising event? Have you seen our teachers being shown appreciation and given support for their classrooms?

    Then you’ve seen just some of what the PTA does thanks to our wonderful volunteers!




    Committees are forming now for the 2019-2020 School Year!

    If you are interested in volunteering or learning more please reach out by email to:


    for more info

Last Modified on September 5, 2019