• Speas 5th Graders are participating in this program this year!

    See information on their website here.


    See the Photos and YouTube video of their performance here.


    Dancing Classrooms is a transformative arts-in-education, social-emotional learning residency that employs the medium of social dance to promote the academic and social success of 5th grade students, including special needs students. Based on building connections, confidence, social skills and awareness, success, respect for others, teamwork and appreciation of differences, the instruction is integrated into the classroom curriculum.

    In each school served, Dancing Classrooms (“DC”) is taught to all 5th grade students, including special needs students, during the school day. We work with each individual school to schedule the 10-week, twice weekly, 40-minute sessions. We have successfully integrated Dancing Classrooms into Specials, PE, Extended Recess periods and other schedules designed to fit each school.