March 2 Success
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    CFNC - The College Foundation of North Carolina has free ACT, SAT, and GRE study materials: https://www.cfnc.org/index.jsp
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    KHAN ACADEMY - Has various resources for test prep.  Mainly for the SAT and subject tests.
    Pre-ACT, PSAT, and ACT Updates- As of 9/16/2021
    Pre-ACT - This test is required by NCDPI for current 10th graders.  It is typically administered during the month of November.  
    PSAT - This test is an optional test that is most often taken by 10th and 11th graders.  At this time, the tentative date for this test is October 13, 2021.  
    ACT - This test is required by NCDPI for current 11th graders.  We will hold a make up session on October 5th for 12th graders that did not take the ACT in the spring last year.  The 11th grade ACT will be held in the spring of 2022.  All 11/12 graders are part of an ACT/Test Prep Canvas Page.  Please make sure you accept your invitation to this page for some FREE test prep resources!
    ACT WORKKEYS (for Senior CTE Concentrators) - November 30, 2021
    Please note that all testing dates listed above are subject to change.  Additional details for the tests above will be communicated as information becomes available.
    If you have any questions about these tests, please contact Karen Morris at ksmorris@wsfcs.k12.nc.us (Assistant Principal of Instruction at RJR)
Last Modified on September 16, 2021