• Are you interested in sharing your talents and supporting our school? If so, become a Lowrance Middle School Volunteer. 

    Volunteering is multi-faceted in its importance to our society.  It enriches our society, brings us together as a community, and helps with educational and social skills for students. The best part of volunteering is that you get to share positivity with those around you.  However, there’s much more to being a volunteer than giving back. You can get so much out of volunteering. Some believe that volunteering keeps you active and helps make new, fulfilling connections.  

    One reason people hesitate to get involved in volunteer work is that they don’t know where to start. Opportunties for volunteering at Lowrance include activities that take place both on and off campus. These include providing socialization to indivdual and small groups of students, working collaboratively with staff, sharing your talents and interests to others, helping to support special events, and making donations of much needed supplies, etc.    

    How You Can Get Involved? In order to become and volunteer for the school year, you need to register as a volunteer. You must complete a volunteer registration form and be approved before you can volunteer for any school activities or in any classroom at Lowrance.  Follow this link to the volunteer registration page: https://www.wsfcsvolunteers.com  If you need help use the following link  to find out how to complete the volunteer registration https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/1264  Questions on registration please call 336-703-4231 or email Maribel de Rojas macabreraderojas@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    If you have questions about Lowrance Middle School please call the school at 336-703-4181 and ask for the volunteer coordinator.