• Kimberley Park Elementary School 2019-2020 Title I Parental Involvement and Engagement Policy

    Kimberley Park Elementary is a school that congregates all stakeholders in the school governance process. We believe this is essential to enable all our students to reach or exceed their maximum academic potential. Our guiding principles are strategically implemented to propel us through this process.

    We will:

    Empower students to become critical thinkers and innovative learners

    We will teach a rigorous, culturally relevant curriculum with real-life experiences

    We will build partnerships with our community

    We will strive for all students to achieve academic growth in alt subjects

    We will provide a variety of opportunities for parental engagement I and out of school

    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that all Title I schools and families work together.  We will jointly develop with, and distribute to parents and family members of Kimberley Park students a written Tile I Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP).  PFEP and Policy/Compact planning and revision sessions will be held in the spring of 2020.  In addition, families will have ongoing opportunities to review and offer suggestions of improvement to the Title 1 program plan and compact throughout the school year at all schoolwide parent meetings and/or via email, text or phone.

    At least 2 parent/family representatives serve as members of our School Improvement Team.  The following documents are a collaboration between school and family: School Improvement Plan (SIP); Title I School-level Parent and Family Engagement Plan/Policy (PFEP); and our School-Parent Compact.

    Kimberley Park elementary will align our school goals and standards with the state of North Carolina’s academic content standards and student achievement standards.

    Kimberley Park Elementary school goals for the current school year are as follows:

    Goal 1: Increase grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 31.5% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of at least 27.8% in Reading for all subgroups measured by the End of grade test.

    Goal 2: Increase grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 40.7% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of at least 36.1% in Math for all subgroups measured by the End of grade test.

    Goal 3: Increase grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 51.7% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of at least 45.0% in Science for all subgroups measured by the End of grade test.

    Goal 4: KPES will increase a total composite in grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 38.0% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of 33.5% in all subgroups measured by the End of grade test.

    Goal 5: Our certified attendance rate will be maintained at 95% with no less that 93%.

    Title 1 funds allotted to Kimberley Park will be used to offset expenses incurred while engaging families in activities designed to increase student success.  These expenses may include childcare, supplies and materials, food, home visit and transportation costs.  The school will ask for input from parents at the spring meeting on how to utilize Title 1 Parent Engagement Funds.

    Kimberley Park will have an Annual Title 1 meeting at flexible times convenient to parents. The annual Title 1 meeting will inform parents about Title 1 and their right to be involved in their child's education. The meeting dates will be prior to open house insert date at 5:30pm and a second time in September insert date at 8:30 am and 5:30pm

    Kimberley Park strives to involve and engage parents and families in every aspect of the school curriculum. Parents are invited to attend each School improvement team meetings on the following dates: 9/12/18, 10/3/18, 12/5/18, 2/13/19, 3/13/19, 4/10/19 We will clearly articulate and provide consistent communication (i.e. student agendas, newsletters, conferences, parent meetings/forums, connect 5 phone system), expectations, standards and student academic progress. Parents will be encouraged to actively partner with staff to share and obtain knowledge on ways to support their child's academic expectations. Conferences can be scheduled or rescheduled thru written communication, email to teacher or phone call, or contacting Parent Involvement Coordinator.  School/Family conferences will be scheduled on 10/29, 10/30, 1/22 and 3/29 at a time convenient for parents/guardians to meet with teachers.

    Kimberley Park staff, students and parents/guardians will jointly contribute to the annual development of the school/family/student compact.  This will be a continuous process throughout the school year during Positive Action parent meetings and during the annual spring policy and compact revision meeting.

    Staff members will have an opportunity to receive staff development of topics related to increasing family engagement during staff meetings. These topics will include but are not limited to exploring effective modes of communication with families, value of home visits, explaining data and student assessments.

    The Parental Involvement Coordinator will coordinate programs that will engage parents, staff and community.  The programs will be designed to enhance knowledge on how to effectively support children for optimal student success.

    All parent meeting will have a Spanish speaking interpreter who will translate information shared.

    Having an inviting school climate is a mechanism to increase parental engagement. Kimberley Park has an open door all inclusive policy for parents and families to visit their child's school. Parents are also encouraged to join and actively participate In the PTSA, KPAP (Kimberley Park's Active Parents) Leadership Group, on the school improvement team and the Title 1 Parent Advisory Council.

    Parents and families are encouraged to volunteer and help in various aspects of school activities. It is clearly communicated to our parents that they are always welcome and an important partner in their child's education. Newsletters will be sent home monthly. Parents are encouraged to share the best form of communication for them. Teachers and staff will communicate in ways that are most effective for the parent such as text, email, phone, notes and home visits when necessary.

    Kimberley Park will teach the Positive Action Curriculum to all students to encourage positive interaction and behavior. Kimberley Park will offer Positive Action Parent Forums to share the Positive Action Curriculum and how they can share the same language at home. 

    Kimberley Park will provide additional Primary Reading Teachers and Reading Interventionists to provide specialized instruction and work with small groups. Parents will be offered opportunities to attend parent informational forums on understanding student assessments such as Dibels, Text Reading Comprehension (TRC) Daily 5 Café reading and Daily 3 math curriculum