Title 1 Compact

    Kindergarten Grade 2019-2020

    Title 1 Compact

    Each Title I school must have a School-Parent Compact that is developed jointly by parents and school personnel.

    The compact sets out the responsibilities of the students, parents, and school staff in striving to raise student achievement.

    At the elementary grades (PreK- 5 only), the compact should be discussed and amended during parent-teacher conferences and documented in a teacher communication log.


    What is Title 1

    Title One is a federal grant that provides supplemental funding for resources to schools with a high concentration of students on free/reduced priced meals to meet educational goals, such as:

    • Smaller class sizes, additional teachers and paraprofessionals, training for school staff on how to engage parents and families, extra time for instruction (Before and/or Afterschool Programs), and Parent and Family Engagement activities as well as a variety of supplemental materials d


    Purpose of Title 1 and its requirements

    All Title I schools must allocate at least one percent of the Title I budget towards programs, activities, and procedures for parent and family engagement.

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that all Title I schools and families work together.

    Each school shall jointly develop with, and distribute to, parents and family members of participating children a written Tile I Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP).

    Our state requires that at least 2 parent/family representatives serve as members of our School Improvement Team.

    The following documents are a collaboration between school and family:

    School Improvement Plan (SIP);

    Title I School-level Parent and Family Engagement Plan/Policy (PFEP); and our School-Parent Compact.


    Curriculum Alignment Kimberley Park will follow the NC and District Standards for curriculum

    • Our school uses data to align the curriculum to state and district academic standards.
    • Our instructional practices are adjusted based on the findings of the assessment data.
    • Please let us know if you would like additional information on our School Performance Data.

    Family Conferences

    Family conferences are designed to share information about your child’s progress.  You will have an opportunity to schedule at time that is convenient for you to meet with the teacher. Conferences can be scheduled thru written communication, email to teacher or phone call.  Conferences will be held each quarter and any other time deemed necessary by parent or teacher

    Kimberley Park School Goals:

    • Goal 1: KPES will increase grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 31.5% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of at least 27.8% in Reading for all subgroups measured by the End of grade test.
    •  Goal 2: KPES will increase grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 40.7% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of at least 36.1% in Math for all subgroups as measured by the End of grade test.
    • Goal 3: KPES will increase grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 51.7% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of at least 45.0% in Science for all subgroups measured by the End of grade test.
    • Goal 4: KPES will increase a total composite in grade level proficiency (GLP) of at least 38.0% and College and Career Readiness (CCR) of 33.5% in all subgroups measured by the End of grade test.
    • Goal 5: KPES certified attendance rate will be maintained at 95% with no less that 93%.

    WS/FC School Goals:

    The district continuously collects and reviews multiple sources of data to support the selection of goal areas and to monitoring progress towards the goals.  Some of the data include: student attendance data, teacher and staff attendance data, student achievement data, teacher and principal years of experience, student and parent/family surveys, and discipline data.

    Goal Area #1: Close achievement gaps between subgroups.

    Goal Area #2: Increase growth, proficiency, and progress for all students across all subject areas.

    Goal Area #3: Increase graduation rate.


    School Responsibility

    1. Provide a high quality curriculum that engages students in an interactive learning environment that fosters social and language skills
    2. Conduct reading assessments using DIBELS and Text Reading Comprehension (TRC) to determine student reading level
    3. Specialize student needs by teaching guided reading groups. Implement reading strategies with Daily 5 and Cafe and check for understanding
    4. Specialize student needs in math by providing math groups. Implement math Strategies with Daily 3 curriculum and check for understanding
    5. Provide individualized strategies based on reading and math assessments
    6. Provide parents with information and techniques that support learning goals according to DIBELS/TRC scores for their child.
    7. Promote positive attitudes and build self-esteem in each child with positive action curriculum.
    8. Communicate in a manner that is understood by parents and guardians regularly through take home folders, newsletters, individual phone calls and school-wide messages in reference to your child and upcoming events and activities.
    9. Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer or participate in school activities.
    10. Provide a mutually respectful relationship between students, parents and teachers.
    11. Teachers will provide meaningful lessons and fieldtrips to help students to learn more about the world around them.
    12. Offer quarterly parent meetings designed to enhance their knowledge on how to help their child at home
    13. Provide resources to families at Math Night, Read Across America, Literacy Night
    14. Provide Positive Action Parent Forums at least 6 times during the school year at 8:30 and 5:30pm

    Parent Responsibility

    1. Insure that my child is well rested, prepared for school and has the materials needed for class.
    2. I understand that Kimberley Park is a uniform school and will abide by uniform dress code.
    3. Check my child’s Tuesday packet each week and homework folder nightly, contact my child’s teacher if I have any questions, concerns or comments.
    4. Attend parent meetings/conferences and school events to support my child’s education.
    5. Help my child review high frequently words nightly.
    6. Read with my child nightly for 15 minutes.
    7. Provide a mutually respectful relationship between students, parents and teachers
    8. Attend Positive Action Parent Forums and quarterly parent info sessions on curriculum


    Student Responsibility

    1. Be respectful to myself and others by using kind words and actions.
    2. Keep my hands and feet to myself.
    3. Practice my writing, high frequency words and reading practices that I am taught.
    4. Practice recognizing and writing my numbers
    5. Complete my homework assignments.