• Atkins is offering a new AP class next year, which is a unique and powerful opportunity for our students. The AP Capstone program consists of two AP courses:
    • AP Seminar is year one and teaches students deep analytical skills, research techniques and interpersonal skills. Students will complete a team project and presentation, as well as an individual project and presentation, scored by both the teacher and the college board. 
    • AP Research is year two and consists of students delving into a topic of their choosing and completing a research project involving exploration of existing resources as well as data collection and analysis. Students will submit an academic research paper to the College Board and defend their project to an evaluation panel at the end of the year. The class allows for students to explore topics of their choosing and to dig deeply into inquiry, investigation and analysis.

    Because this program is not widely offered, it is a huge selling point for universities and a way for students to set themselves apart on college applications. The course is rigorous, but offers students the ability to hone skills while exploring topics about which they feel passionate.  

    Students who complete both AP Capstone courses will receive a Capstone Certificate. Students who complete both AP Capstone courses as well as four other AP courses throughout their high school career will receive a Capstone Diploma, which is the American equivalent of the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  
    Please feel free to direct any further questions to Elizabeth McCandless at ecmccandless@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.
    View a full presentation about the program << Here >>.