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    Ms. Stephanie Glasgow


    Scholarships are posted to the Student Services Website within 3 days of being received and grouped according to the month of the scholarship deadlines.  All Atkins students have access to the Student Services page and receive an email notification when a scholarship is added to the page.  Seniors are encouraged to log onto the Student Services page at least once a week to review scholarships as well as other Senior deadlines and information. Scholarships at Atkins    
    CAREER CENTER Mrs. Stefanie Jones The Scholarship Newsletter is updated as new scholarship information is received.  The newsletter is accessible from the CC homepage under Headlines.  All scholarship information and any available paper application are maintained in a Scholarship file in the Student Services office.  Career Center Scholarship News
    CARVER HIGH SCHOOL   Scholarship Bulletins posted on the website, paper copies available in Student Services, emailed out to students and parents on listserv.  Students are also made aware via School Announcements, Student Services bulletin board, and classroom visits by College Advisor. Carver Scholarship Newsletter
    EARLY COLLEGE OF FORSYTH Mr. Dexter Felder Scholarship information is located on the school's webpage and is updated as new scholarship information is received. Scholarship opportunities needing endorsements and/or with time-sensitive requirements are posted as well as shared with seniors via their Forsyth Tech e-mail. When necessary, printed copies are available. Early College Scholarship Newsletter
    EAST FORSYTH HIGH SCHOOL Ms. Stephanie Sorrells Scholarship newsletter is posted on the website, hard copies are available in the Counseling Office, and an email group is used to publicize opportunities.  The scholarship newsletter is updated bi-weekly. East Forsyth Scholarship Newsletter

    Ms. Candace Shaw

    Scholarships are publicized through the GHS Student Services website, peachjar messages are sent whenever the scholarship bulletin is updated to all families, and printed copies are available in the Student Services lobby, printed copies are posted on the senior information boards in the 100 hall and the scholarship board in the cafeteria. Glenn Scholarship Newsletter

    Mr. Daryle Maxwell

    Scholarship information is accessed through announcements on the school news, Remind app, posts on bulletin board outside of the Student Services Office, and via Scholarship tab on the school website. Kennedy Scholarship Newsletter
    MIDDLE COLLEGE OF FORSYTH Mr. Carl Glenn Scholarship information is located on the school webpage and is updated weekly. Scholarship information with time-sensitive deadlines is shared with seniors via e-mail. For scholarships targeting specific populations, the School Counselor shares this information with students representing that population.  Middle College Scholarship Newsletter
    MOUNT TABOR HIGH SCHOOL Mr. Stan Huck Scholarship Update is published at least once a month, sent through email to seniors and senior parents, and posted on the school web site. Printed updates and scholarship materials are made available in the Student Services Center Mt Tabor Scholarship Newsletter
    NORTH FORSYTH HIGH SCHOOL Ms. Marissa Mickey   List of helpful scholarship websites provided during individual meetings at the beginning of the school year.  Additionally, a monthly scholarship newsletter is compiled and emailed to senior students and parents.  Hard copies are available in Student Services and posted on the Student Services page of the North Forsyth website by the first week of each month. North Forsyth Scholarship Newsletter

                                            Ms. Tanya Neal

    A Scholarship/Enrichment Opportunities newsletter is posted on the Student Services webpage and sent home. Paisley Scholarship Newsletter
    PARKLAND HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Keisha Horton   A monthly Scholarship Newsletter is shared via school email and a Remind notification when the newsletter is sent; an electronic copy is emailed and can be found on the Student Services website.  Parkland Scholarship Newsletter
    REAGAN HIGH SCHOOL   “News for Reagan Seniors” emails are sent out every few weeks with an attached spreadsheet of updated scholarship opportunities to seniors and senior parents. In addition, current and past newsletters and other scholarship information can be found online. Reagan Scholarship Newsletter
    RJ REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Nicole Beale Scholarship opportunities are posted on the Student Services website. Previous newsletters are archived in the same location. Reynolds Scholarship Newsletter
    WALKERTOWN HIGH SCHOOL    Scholarships are advertised on the school webpage.  This link is updated on a regular basis.  Additionally, Remind is used to notify students when the scholarship link has been updated and hard copies of scholarship applications are available in a designated area in Student Services. Walkertown Scholarship Newsletter
    WEST FORSYTH HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Angela Hubbard Students, especially Seniors, are encouraged to receive the written Daily Announcements via email.  The Daily Announcements include a link to the scholarship listing which is posted on the Student Services website. West Forsyth Scholarship Newsletter
    WINSTON-SALEM PREPARATORY ACADEMY Mr. Ron Giddings Scholarship newsletters are located on the school website and sent to seniors through Remind App. Hard copies are available in Student Services, posted on the 2nd-floor bulletin board, and in the classrooms of those who teach seniors. WSPA Scholarship Newsletter