Use this page to find important information going on within the school or our class! Check back often to stay informed :) 

    Upcoming Events

    • October 19-23    Week of 1st Quarter EOQ's (Reading & Math)
    • October 21         Picture Day/Unity Day- Wear orange to stand up to bullying. 
    • October 23         End of 1st Quarter- all make up work and test/quiz corrections due today!
    • October 26         Professional Day- No school for students
    • October 27         Wear Tie-Dye or Rainbow colors for Red Ribbon Week
    • October 28         Wear your silly socks for Red Ribbon Week & Science Night
    • October 29         Bring in canned food items or non-perishable food items for Red Ribbon Week
    • October 30         Wear red from head to toe, alone with your Red Ribbon for Red Ribbon Week
    • November 12     Report Cards go home
    **Please remember the date and time for your parent/teacher conference. They are taking place the weeks of October 19-November 2.**
     Please make sure your child has the appropriate supplies for each subject. We have one notebook (can be single subject or multi-subject) for reading, math, social studies, and science. We have another notebook for spelling homework. Students need to keep two folders, one for classwork and one for homework. Your child should always have a pencil to use! If you need assistance getting supplies for your child, please let me know and I will be happy to help you! Any other supplies that you would like to donate to the classroom as a whole would be greatly appreciated! We can use Clorox wipes, individually wrapped candy, ear buds, index cards, and board games/recess equipment! Thank you for your continued support!
    Wednesday Folders
    Please make sure you check your child's Wednesday Folder EVERY Wednesday. This is a means of communication between school, child, and home. We send home important information via this folder. Anything that needs to be signed, do so and return it back to school in the folder. Any classwork, tests, or information sheets sent home need to stay at home for your reference. In our classroom, I like for parents to sign or initial any grades on quizzes or tests that are lower than a 70 "C". Please go over these items with your child, sign, and return to school. Thank you for all you do!
    Working Snack Time
    This year, we have a very late lunch. We eat lunch at 12:45. I made the decision to have a "working snack time" built into our schedule to allow students to eat a small snack before lunch. This is not mandatory and is up to you and your child. I am asking that the snacks you send are easy to eat and not messy. Please refrain from sending yogurt, pudding, chips/dip, apples/dip, and anything that needs a utensil. By incorporating this into our schedule, we need it to be easy and quick. Some examples of good choices are: a piece of fruit, string cheese, gummies, chips, cookies, crackers, raisins, etc. CANDY IS NOT A SNACK, so please do not send! 
    Also, students are allowed to bring a WATER bottle. The only liquid that should be in the bottle is water. Students can add a flavor packet to the water prior to coming to class and again during lunch, but NOT during class. These are very messy and we do not want to invite any critters into our room! 
    Test Corrections
     If students receive a "D" or an "F" on a quiz or test, they are allowed to complete test corrections. These graded assignments will come home each Wednesday and corrections are due to me on Friday of that week. Corrections should follow the guidelines below:
    •  Completed on a separate piece of notebook paper and stapled to the original quiz or test
    • Divided into three columns. Column 1 should have the number of the problem/question missed. Column 2 should have the new answer. Column 3 should have the work (math problems) or an explanation as to how the student reached their new answer.
    **Parents should sign or initial all D's and F's on quizzes and tests.**