• These are examples of activities or assignments that the students can accomplish online.  As the teacher, you need to ask the students to turn in the assignment by google doc or through your powerschool learning page.  Include a rubric for each assignment.


    Elementary/Middle/High School

    1.  Create 64 counts of choreography after you watch a professional dance company video that you have researched online.  Manipulate the movement that you see and create your 64 count phrase.  Videotape your phrase and send it to your teacher.  

    2.  Write out your own warm-up.  It should contain a cardio, stretching and strethening section.  It should include all major muscle groups.  One page submitted to the teacher online.  

    3.  Send the students a video of you performing a phrase.  They should have ample time to watch, work-on and send back the video of them performing the phrase.  You could also include that they should write a self-evaluation concerning the phrase.  

    4.  Download the DanceMaker App and create assignments based off the contents of the app.

    5.  Extra ideas for ALL levels...Dance online resources

    6.  Flipgrid.com...my code is crater2227

    7.  wevideo app

    8.  Create dance movement to represent words, ideas or feelings. 

    9.  Work with a family member to research different cultures and write a one page paper about how dane influences their community.  

    10.  Make an assignment utlizing the Dancemaker app.

    11.  Use Microsoft Teams to connect to different groups.

    12.  Lincolncenteratthemovies.org/education   Free online classes with student questions from Alvin Ailey, San Francisco Ballet, Ballet Hispanico, New York City Ballet   (WRITTEN for grades for 3-12th)

    13.  Give them a poem or have them write their own poem.  Tell them to go back and circle 5 verbs.  Create 8 counts of movement per verb.  Put them all together to create their 40 count phrase.  Send the teacher their phrase through video.  

    14.  Find a dance quote and share with the students and tell them why this is important to you.  Ask the students to find their own dance quote that speaks to them and create a short paragraph about how it is important to them.  You could add another day for writing the quote on paper and delving into their creative side with markers and glitter ;)

    15.  Have your students pick a book from their room to read and create a dance based off the themes of the book.  Challenge your student's to teach other family members their routine or allow them to be other characters in the book. They could record and send you the final product.  

    16. Look up Alwin Nikolais tensile involvement on Youtube.  Watch the video and answer the following questions.  Tell me about the music, set, costumes, and lighting elements that this video has to offer.  Did you like the different use of props or no? Explain your answer.  

    17.  Design a costume or Design a concert flyer for your local school dance program.  Enter the guidelines that you want them to follow such as the flyer needs to contain where, what, when, time, event name, and ticket cost.  Add as many things as you can think of to make it creative and fun.  

    18.  Assign your students to go a virtual field trip and write about their favorite things or what they have learned.  Some suggestions would be google arts & culture, google earth, or teendrive 365.  This could be a unique culminating assignment for the end of the year.

    19.  Have someone take 6 different pictures of you in 6 different poses.  Study the pictures and put them in an Imovie.  Whatever order you put them in you will have to complete in that order.  Each picture will have 8 counts and you have to go through the pose that you see in the picture for each.  At the end you should have a 48 count phrase that includes all the poses from the pictures.  You could make it more challenging by adding specific choreograhic tools such as canons, directional changes, and levels.  The sky is the limit with this activity.