• Cardinal Volleyball
    Physical Education Uniform Prices:    Students Are Required To Wear These Uniform Colors
    -Gray T- Shirt with Physical Education Logo $8.00
    -Navy Blue Shorts with Physical Education Logo $12.00
    -Navy Blue Gym Bag with "C" Logo  $5.00
    (Cash/Checks to Clemmons Middle School)
    Uniforms are available for purchase online from the school website starting 8/25/14
    Uniforms will be availabe for purchase in Physical Education class after the official Physical Education/Health Letter comes home.

    Helpful Notes for Physical Education:  Gym Procedures
    -Students should enter the gym and report to their assigned seat.
    -When dismissed to the locker room, students have 4 minutes to dress.
    -After dressing students leave the locker room and begin walking around the gym in an orderly manner, until instructed by a teacher to go to their assigned seat.
    -Attendance is taken at this time.
    -Students should participate to the best of their ability in the activity that is provided for the day.
    -Students should be dressed in Navy Shorts, a Gray T-Shirt, and appropriate gym shoes.
    -Students that do not bring a change of clothes for class will be given a school uniform to wear for that class.
    -At the end of class students will be given 4 minutes to redress.
    -Students should not leave the locker room or gym until told to by a teacher.
    Medial Issues Information:
    -Students that injured should report this information to a gym teacher before leaving the gym.
    -Students may bring a note from home on days that they do not feel well. The student will still be asked to dress out so they may receive that portion of their grade.
    -Students that visit a Doctor and receive special instructions for gym, should bring a note from the Doctor with these instructions. PLEASE GET A DOCTORS NOTE IF YOU VISIT A DOCTOR AND PARTICIPATION WILL BE ALTERED. The student may not return to participation until the Doctor's note releases them.