• zones of regulation image At Sherwood Forest we understand the value of helping students develop positive social and emotional skills.  For this reason, we are continuing the implement pieces of the Zones of Regulation curriculum this year.  We wanted to make you a part of your child’s learning experience by giving you some Zones vocabulary you can use with your child at home. 

    Green Zone:  When you are happy, calm and ready to learn.  The Green Zone is the ideal zone to be in during school. 

    Blue Zone:  When you feel sad, sick, lonely, tired or bored.  Your body moves slowest in this zone.  You may need to rest in order to feel better.

    Yellow Zone:  When you feel scared, worried, excited, or silly.  Your body may start to lose some control in this zone.  In this zone, you need to slow down.

    Red Zone:  When you are acting out of control.  We most frequently associate this with anger.  When someone is in the Red Zone, it’s important for them to practice calming strategies so that they don’t hurt themselves or others.

     An important thing to remember is that there are no bad zones!   We need anger, fear, worry and sadness at times.  But at school, we learn best when we are able to be in the green zone (calm and focused).  Often we need to acknowledge our blue, red or yellow feelings before we are able to move into the green zone.


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