• Mrs. Sergiacomi's Mandala Challenge

    colored mandala

    One of the ways many people like to handle stress, anxiety or worry is by coloring mandalas.  Mandalas are intricate designs, typically symmetrical and circular (but not always). The difficult part, and the calming part, about mandalas is that you have to color EACH LITTLE piece of the design.  This takes a lot of focus, empowers you to practice mindfulness, and creates a beautiful piece of art!  

    My challenge to my students is this. . .use one of the links below to find a mandala or find one on your own.  Color it, taking time to color each individual piece and making it amazing!  Then have a parent scan it and email it to me at cmsergiacomi@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. 

    If you complete this challenge, I'll post a photo of your mandala on my webpage; so pretty much you'll be a famous artist ;)  

    Happy coloring friends!  Stay calm and color on!

    Mandala coloring pages from SuperColoring

    Mandalas including Animals and other Themes

    Simpler Mandalas for younger children

    https://mandalas.coloringcrew.com/ (color online and you can share with me through Google Drive)

    owl mandala