• CMS School Library Media Center Policies


     Clemmons Middle School  

    Library Media Center   

    Policies and Procedures  

      Jacob Kapp, Media Coordinator

    Felicia Melvin, School Library Media Assistant    


    The Clemmons Middle School Library Media center is an integral part of the instructional program of this school.  Our MISSION is to support the curriculum and to ensure that students and faculty are effective 21st Century users of ideas and information. The primary role of the Media Coordinator is to teach information seeking strategies and research skills within subject areas that support the curriculum, while collaborating with classroom teachers. 


      1.   Our Media Center utilizes a flexible schedule based on the needs of the curriculum and classroom teachers.  In order to reserve the Media Center for collaborative classes, special events, and classroom check-outs, please sign up on the digital calendar.  If you would like for Mr. Kapp to be involved in your class or activity, please schedule time for collaboration with him in advance. She welcomes collaboration and co-teaching !  

    2.   Checkouts / Checkins: Students may exchange books by visiting the Media Center during homeroom, after school, and  throughout the day during the week with a signed pass. 

    3. Teachers may send small groups of students during the day to the Media Center for Open Check-Out, reading, and research.  Students must sign in at the circulation desk and have signed hall passes that state their expected return time.  

    4.  Please see Mr. Kapp in advance if you need to make special arrangements for a small group of students to work in the Media Center or if you need to send a student to the Media Center to make-up a test or an assignment; the Media Center may not be available at the last minute. 

    5.  Because we all want our students to be able to access reliable information on the Internet safely, please do not send students to the Media Center unsupervised to use computers in the Media Center unless you have made arrangements with Mr. Kapp; otherwise, students will be sent back to class.  Teachers are welcome to see Mr. Kapp in advance  to schedule time in the Media Center so she can work with small groups of students who need to use computers.  

    6.  Teachers who need several resources pulled for a particular project may request a reserve cart .   Please allow at least one school day for us to accommodate these requests.  When we have advance notice of a project or unit of study, we are able to locate the best resources.

    7.Please refer to the Copyright Policy for W-S/FCS for Fair Use Guidelines . You must have written approval from school administration before showing students Videos/DVDs.   All Videos/DVDs must have instructional value and be integrated into specific lesson plans.

    8.  Teachers will submit DVD/Video reservation requests at least one day in advance .  Last minute requests will be handled only if time allows.

    9.  Please let Mr, Kapp or Mrs. Melvin know if you have signed up for time in the Media Center but will not be coming.

    10.  Check-out: Students may check out up to two books at one time for personal use for a three week period.  Additional books may be checked out for research.  Students may renew items for three more weeks.  It is recommended that teachers not check out books and then loan them to students.

    11. Lost or Damaged Materials: Students are responsible for the materials they check out.  If these materials are lost or damaged, students will be charged a damage fee or a replacement fee.  If a lost book is returned within three months, the money will be refunded to the student; after three months, the money will have already been spent to replace the lost book and a refund will not be issued.

    12. Overdues and Lost Materials: Students with overdue materials and/or fines will not be allowed to check out resources or attend dances, field day, etc. until the overdue materials have been returned to the Media Center or until fines have been paid.

    13. Behavior: In the Media Center, students are expected to practice the Three R's: Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Be Responsible. 

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Last Modified on November 16, 2020