Big6 Research Method


    Big6 Checklist


    Step 1: Task Definition

    Define the problem and the information needed...

    • What is the theme or topic of my project?
    • How will my project be evaluated?
    • What does my teacher expect from me for a good grade?


    Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies

    Brainstorm and select the best resources...

    • What are the best examples of resources for the project?
      • Non-Fiction Books and Reference Materials (i.e., Encyclopedias)
      • Credible and trustworthy internet links and databases 
      • Knowledgeable people (teacher, librarian, experts)
      • Magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals


    Step 3: Locate and Access

    Find the resources and the information within the resources...

    Did I...

    • Access the Web sites and research databases through the Library Website?
    • Search the Destiny Catalog to locate books in the library?
    • Browse the appropriate sections of the library?
    • Ask Mr. Kapp, Ms. Melvin or my teacher important questions?


    Step 4: Information Usage

    Record relevant information...

    • Have I skimmed and scanned the information so I understand the information?
    • Do my notes include specific details, facts, and important information that are organized by topic?
    • Have I recorded the citation information for my resources?
    • Have I drawn my own conclusions and explained the information in my own words?
    • Have I avoided plagiarism to the best of my knowledge?


    Step 5: Communication/Synthesis

    Create the project...

    • What is the best way to communicate or present my project?
    • Have I included all that I have learned?
    • Have I followed all of the project requirements and guidelines?
    • Have I formatted my Works Cited page using the MLA format?


    Step 6: Evaluation

    Judge the process and product...

    • How do I rate my project? Am I proud of my work?
    • How would my teacher rate my project according to the assignment rubric?
    • How would I improve my research for the next project?


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Last Modified on February 2, 2021