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    VIRTUAL CLASSROOM WALLS: Awesome Spartan Student Work!

    Here you will find work that teachers want to feature as extraordinary for many reasons! We can't put great student work on our classroom walls anymore, but we are excited to share what students are doing online. Check out the great student work below...


    Mrs. Morley’s Classroom

     Jordan K

     Josh L

     Hadassah M



     Avery P.

    Andy L.









     Aniya W.



    Jara T.


     Dominic T.

    Libby N











    Mrs. Wooten’s Classroom






    Mr. Kota’s Classroom







    Mrs. Trinh’s Classroom

    Art 2: Realistic Shoe Graphite Drawing

     Kayla S

     Katherine S

     Lizzie A

     Sarah L

     Lizbeth H





       Ms. Schaefer’s Classroom

              English II Honors students talk about theme in their Holocaust novel. 







    Mrs. Dorman’s Classroom

     African American Studies



     African American Studies: 

    My African American Studies class did a unit on "Middle Class Durham" during the Jim Crow Era to highlight the achievements of local African Americans of North Carolina during a time that was stacked against them. Amaya did a good job of researching NCCU and its relation to building a middle class in Durham, North Carolina among the African American Community.

    Amaya's Google Slides Presentation

    Here is another piece that was done from the same unit. We often think of the Greensboro Sit Ins as the catalyst for the sit in movement, however, in Durham this had already been going on. Students were surprised to know that.

    Shy'Ane's Royal Ice Cream Parlor Presentation

    This is part of a discussion board that was assigned after reading an article on "Middle Class Durham." What I love about the work that I am sending you to showcase is that these are all Seniors who in all reality didn't have to do any of it. They chose to keep their learning going. 

    Discussion Board Examples


     Mrs. Faltynski-Privette's Classroom

    math problems


    Check out this math website David S. has compiled.

    Pretty impressive!


    David S. Math Website

     Mr. McDaniel's Classroom

     Honors  Chemistry student modeling Periodic Trend of Atomic Radius


     chemistry poster


     Mrs. Gage's Classroom



    Occupational Course of Study Portfolio Presentation: overview of 4 years of

                                          job experiences and training 


    Ms. Hunte's Classroom 






                                              Ms. Murphy's Classroom


     Journal  Entry from Sajiah T.


    Pick one of the words below, and start writing stream-of-conscious (whatever comes to your mind).



















    The hot wind whipped around him as he wandered through the streets. Sweating, his clothes stuck to his skin. He had no memory of what happened. He only had a map and a cloud of desperation hanging above him as he struggled to remember where he was going and what he was doing. The streets were bare, not a person in sight. He heard voices but he couldn’t tell from where. He saw a bright light at the end of a road. He was too scared to follow it so he turned around. The pressure started to build in his mind, the voices got louder, and the light got brighter, forcing him to turn around. Hesitantly he walked towards the light. It was hard for him to see so he closed his eyes, his fears taking over. To his left, a voice told him to open his eyes. When he did, he realized he was no longer trapped in the barren society called his mind. He was in a hospital room with doctors and his family all standing around him.