• All-County Band

    All-County Band consists of students from WSFCS Band Programs.  Typically there are 2 middle school bands and 2 high school bands.  If a student auditions and makes it, they will spend a full day learning music for a concert.  For example, a student would be exempt from school on a Friday to learn music and that Saturday they would perform a concert.

    • Auditions take place in October.
    • The clinic/concert takes place in November.
    • Middle School Audition requirements are the following:

    All-District Band

    All-District Band is very much like "All-County" Band but on a much larger scale.  Students from the Northwest District for band come together for auditions.  If a child earns a spot in the NW All-District Band, they will travel to Boone, NC for a weekend of music making!  Students would be exempt from school on a Friday for rehearsal, Saturday would be a dress rehearsal for middle school students and then a concert early afternoon. High school students would rehearse on Saturday and have their dress rehearsal and concert on Sunday.

    • Auditions take place in January.
    • The clinic/concert takes place in February.
    • Audition Requirements are the same as All-County Band + Concert G and C Major Scales:

    All-State Band

    All-State Band is like the other ensembles listed above except on the STATE level.  Students must place in a certain chair for All-District to qualify to audition.