• School/Teacher Responsibilities

    • Keep parents informed in a timely fashion of activities/concerns regarding their child
    • Provide the best possible learning environment
    • Maintain respect for students
    • Provide parent meetings to discuss concerns
    • Provide parents with progress reports from core teachers every 3 weeks and quarterly from encore teachers

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    • Make sure student attends school daily and arrives on campus in time to be in class by 7:10 am. Make sure student has an excuse note immediately following all absences
    • Make sure student has necessary school supplies and completes all homework
    • Make sure students behavior is appropriate
    • Schedule a conference with the teacher if the student exhibits behavior or academic problems
    • Call the teacher and make an appointment to discuss problems and/or concerns
    • Keep parent contact and emergency information on file at school up to date
    • Check progress reports, Wednesday packets and teacher Web Pages

    Student Responsibilities

    • Respect yourself, students, and school staff
    • Complete all homework and classwork assignments to the best of your ability
    • Ask parent or teacher for help if you don't understand a topic
    • Come to school ready to learn with all materials daily
    • Display appropriate behavior including following the dress code and school rules
    • Record homework in agendas



    Behavioral Expectations

        Be prepared

        Be Polite

        Be Prompt

        Be Productive


    It is a fact that students with good attendance achieve higher levels of learning.  However, we are aware that there may be a time when absence is unavoidable.  If this happens, WORK MISSED MUST BE MADE UP regardless of the reason for the absence. Please take note of the following/ A parent or student may request make-up assignments for an absence of TWO OR MORE CONSECUTIVE DAYS. If you must be out for a period of four (4) weeks due to an injury, illness, or other disability, contact the Counseling Center to inquire about services of a Homebound Teacher.



         Make-up work will be completed promptly.

         A student will have one (1) day to complete make-up assignments for every one (1) day absent.

         Make-up assignment grades will be counted in the students overall grade for that quarter.

         Make-up work can be different from class assignments while absent.