• Reagan Drive-Thru Graduation


    • Remember to come only at your registered time and date. Do not arrive on campus more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.  You should receive a reminder about your time on the e-mail address you used to sign-up.


    • Do not enter the campus from the main entrance – you will only use the stadium entrance.


    • Your party is limited to 2 cars. Please make sure the senior is not driving one car.


    • Be sure to bring your cap, gown, stole, and tassel. You should steam your gown, but do not iron it.


    • Scroll down for the map and instructions for that day.



    Graduation Route


    #1 - Enter through the stadium gate off of Transou.  Staff members at the gate will direct you in.


    #2 - Staff members will be at the gate separating the student lot from the circle in front of the school.  Students will stop here for check in procedures.  All cars will be asked the screening questions as provided by the health department.  Staff will verify your time slot.  Anyone not on the list for that time period will be sent out the front gate.   Upon completion, you will be directed down by practice fields and behind the school on the gravel road. 


    #3 - Staff members will be set up on the sidewalk outside of downstairs 600-hall.  They will give two copies of the name placards.  Students will simply roll down the window and give their name. NHS cords will also be handed out here to those who did not pick them up previously.


    #4 - Staff members will be at the gate from the gravel road to the bus lot. They will verify the senior is not driving (switch with another adult at that point) and will send cars once the graduate ahead of them has moved on. Only the graduate’s car(s) will be released to the stage.  The next graduate’s car(s) will be released once the previous graduate has walked, taken pictures and gotten back into their vehicle.  Be sure that your name placard is easily visible for Mr. Thutt.


    #5 - Graduate and his/her party will pull up to a designated spot and get out of their car(s).  The senior will be directed to the stage.  They will show their name card to Mr. Thutt, then throw it in the trash can.  The senior will be directed up the steps.  Mr. Thutt will call their name as they begin to walk across the stage.


    #6 - Mr. Royal will be on the stage. The graduate accepts diploma cover from Mr. Royal and has their picture made.  When they exit the stage, the senior will move to the Reagan media backdrop for another picture. Then they will get back in their car and drive away. 


    #7 - Drive to the baseball/softball fields to get your diploma from Mrs. McCoy and Mrs. Hege.  NHS members must return their cords here.


    #8 - The processional will exit here.   AGAIN – this is not an entrance.



Last Modified on June 1, 2020