Program Details

    • July 6, 2020, to July 30, 2020
      • Monday – Thursday only
        • AM and PM sessions available
        • 30-40 minute virtual sessions
    • Emphasis on Phonological Awareness
    • Math Skills -  Number Concepts and Operations
    • STEM experiences
    • A smaller ratio of students to teachers (10-12)
      • One on one sessions to meet the individual needs of students
      • Flexible times for direct instruction  (AM/PM options)
      • Bilingual staff to assist teaching virtually
    • Family Engagement program and outreach
    • Materials prepared to support students and families optimize virtual learning experiences, weekly gifts of books, supplies, “hands-on” materials


    This summer program is by invitation only. At this time we are no longer accepting new enrollments.

  • Goals

    Increase growth in early literacy phonemic awareness skills.

    Engage families in a variety of ways to ensure a positive transition to first grade.


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