* Any classwork not completed during class time will become homework.

    * Makeup work: Homework assigned prior to an absence is due on the day student returns to school.
    * Homework/classwork assigned on the day of an absence will be due within the next two class days.

    * Late Homework/Project will be accepted with a letter grade deduction for each day the  assignment is late.

    * Remember, it is always better to turn in something rather than nothing, no matter how late the work is.

    Student Responsibilities and  Classroom Consequences    

    Student Responsibilities:

     *  Be on time, prepared, ready to learn.

     *  Be respectful, of others and yourself.

     *  Use self-control of body, voice and mind.

     *  Stay on task.

     *  Strive to achieve.

     *  Get permission to speak or move around.

     *  Stay seated until the teacher dismisses class.

    Classroom Consequences:

     *  1st. Time:   Verbal warning.

     *  2nd. Time:  Buddy Teacher. Think Sheet. 

     *  3rd. Time:   Parent call. 

     *  4th. Time:   Write up and Parent call



    I believe that each student is a learner.  The key to learning a foreign language is by practicing your vocabulary every day and being prepared by coming to class with an open attitude.  Learning a foreign language should be fun!

    Tips to help your child be better prepared for Spanish Class (Realidades A/B)

    *  At the end of each Unit is a vocabulary list with an English translation.

    *  Every student has to write in his/her notebook this vocabulary list for the unit studied.  When finished a grade is issued for classwork participation.

    *  At the end of the week, we have a spelling quiz based upon this vocabulary list.  This is announced at the beginning of the week.

    *  Any other test or quizzes are announced usually three days in advance after a review of the subject  matter.

    *  When your child is absent, he/she will have three days for make up work to be completed.

    *  Encourage your child to write three times any word they missed in the spelling quiz.

    *  Special assignments and projects related to the unit we are studying will be counted as a test grade.


    Grading Scale%

    Class-Work/Homework    40%

    Test/Project/Quizzes   40%

    Class Participation  20%


    My favorites sites

    *  The Glencoe World Languages