• Joe The Joe Childers Letterman Banquet


    The eighth-annual Letterman Banquet (now called the "Joe Childers Letterman Banquet," after the man who created it), will be VIRTUAL, is here "live" on this page (as of Friday, June 5, 2020). It is a slideshow like the usual slideshow you are used to seeing at the banquet, except the descriptions for each team are on the screen on a slide, rather than being read. In addition, we have introduction videos at the beginning from Principal Dr. Chris Nichols, Dr. Major Wallace (JROTC), Athletic Director Matt Pratt, and Scholastic Director Scott Plaster. This awards presentation is FREE. Joe believed strongly that all four areas of the school (Athletics, Academics, Fine Arts, and JROTC) should be represented equally, and so we continue this innovative tradition under his name.


    Awards for individuals on each lettering team are included in the slideshow (usually three per team). Students also get an Atkins Letter A for the first time they "letter" on a varsity, competing team, a patch with the name of the team for the first time they letter for a varsity team, and additional chevrons for each year they participate. While this banquet goes live on Friday, our virtual circumstances mean that you may not get all of your items right away.


    SENIORS: Your trophies and patches will be available on the drive-thru graduation days of June 15 and 16. UNDERCLASSMEN: Arrangements will be made to get you your trophies and patches in the fall, when we physically return to school.


    Here is the Program for the Event (this is the order of the Awards Slideshow, NOT the actual Slideshow, which goes live on Friday).

    To view the Slideshow, you can also use the FULLSCREEN button (just like on YouTube). And you can use your Arrow keys on your keyboard to advance the slideshow (it is set to rotate automatically). 




    The following varsity teams are a part of the Letterman recognition program:

    A Cappella

    Academic Team

    Art Showcase


    Basketball – Men

    Basketball – Women

    Camel Coders (not this year)

    Chamber Orchestra


    Chess Team

    Color Guard Team (JROTC)

    Concert Choir

    Cross Country – Men

    Cross Country – Women


    CyberPatriots (JROTC)

    CyberPatriots (All-Girls)

    Dance Team

    Drill Team (JROTC)

    Economics Challenge

    Environmental Debate



    Golf – Men

    Golf - Women


    Indoor Track – Men

    Indoor Track – Women

    JLAB Academic Team (JROTC)

    JLAB Leadership Team (JROTC)

    Lacrosse – Men

    Lacrosse – Women

    Marching Band

    Math Team

    National History Day

    Outdoor Track – Men

    Outdoor Track – Women

    Poet Laureate

    Poetry Out Loud


    Quiz Bowl

    Raider Team (JROTC)

    Rifle Team (JROTC)

    Science Bowl

    Science Olympiad

    Show Choir

    Soccer – Men

    Soccer – Women


    Swimming – Men

    Swimming – Men

    Symphony Orchestra


    Tennis – Men

    Tennis – Women













Last Modified on June 4, 2020