• WS/FCS is required by US Federal law (CIPA) to provide a content filtered experience for students.  We accomplish this by leveraging NCDPI provided ZScaler cloud based filtering appliance and the accompanying certificate.

    Why is this needed?

    • The best way we can ensure our students are filtered across multiple platforms is by applying the filtering restriction to their WS/FCS account.
    • When a student logs into a device with their WS/FCS account, the device is automatically steered toward the internet-based ZScaler filtering service.
    • In order for the Zscaler service to work correctly, a security certificate must be installed on the device students are using.
    • The Technology Services department has already applied the certificate to all devices owned and managed by WS/FCS.
    • Because we cannot apply this certificate to personally owned devices, students using their WS/FCS account on a personal device will need to manually install the Zscaler certificate (Zscaler CA) in order for internet browsing to function properly.

    Directions for installing the certificate can be located here:

     You can download the certificate using the link below: