•  image of the book cover for Two Mrs. Gibsons

    Two Mrs. Gibsons

    by Toyomi Igus Year Published: 2013

    Two Mrs. Gibsonsis author Toyomi Igus's tender and touching tribute to the two most important women in her life—her Japanese mother and her African American grandmother. From memories of her grandmother's big bear hugs to her mother's light down-filled comforter hugs, from listening to her grandmother's lively spirituals to her mother's soft lullabies, from playing with her grandmother's fancy going-to-a-Sunday-meetin' hats to trying on her mother's kimono, Toyomi celebrates the joys and rich diversity of growing up biracial.

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  •  image of the book cover by Desmond Tutu

    Desmond and the Very Mean Word

    by Desmond Tutu Year Published: 2012

    Based on a true story from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s childhood in South Africa, Desmond and the Very Mean Word reveals the power of words and the secret of forgiveness.

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  •  illustrated book cover by Garnet Goldman

    The Wonderful World of Sparkle Girl and Doobins

    by Kim Underwood Year Published: 2009

    Kim Underwood reads the story "Making Marvels with Mr. Chundy" from his book The Wonderful World of Sparkle Girl and Doobins, with illustrations by Garnet Goldman.

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  • book cover for Isaac's Adventures in Paris

    Isaac's Adventures in Paris

    by Isaac Redfearn Year Published: 2018

    In this book, Isaac challenges all the super readers to fasten their seat belts and enter into an amazing adventure with him to Paris, France... "The City of Lights"! You will have so much fun learning with Isaac about the Parisian culture - their language, money, food and a few of their major events. This cultivating and charismatic traveler will inspire you to plan your next adventure.

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