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    Williams Collins (Room 207)

    Amanda Hall (Room 204)

    Thomas Hudnall (Room 209)

    Anthia Smith (Room 206)

5th Grade Supply List

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    5 red pens 

    colored pencils (instead of crayons)

    3 packs glue sticks 


    1 pack of EXPO markers

    packs of loose- leaf paper (wide rule) 

    3 packs of #2 pencils 

    2 boxes of tissue 

    box of washable markers 

    1 pack of index cards

    pencil pouch/zippered (no boxes)

    6 single subject composition books -NOT spiral bound (instead of  5-subject notebooks) 

    1 Binder (1") Our planner (provided by Morgan) will go inside (larger notebooks will not fit in desk)

    3 solid color pocket folders 

    book bag/back pack (no wheels) 

    set of ear buds for use with classroom laptops (inexpensive- from dollar store or Big Lots- NOT headphones)

    wireless mouse for laptop (optional)

    Any of these following items would be greatly appreciated but are not required: 

    paper towels

    Ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich sizes)

    Clorox/Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer 

    Recess equipment (basketballs, kickballs, Nerf football, soccer ball, small cones, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk) 

    **Please help us by having all school supplies          on the 1st day of school.