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    Alexandria Ditzhazy- Multiple Abilities Program Resource (Room 115)

    Dominique Gillespie- Multiple Abilities ProgramResource (Room 116)

    Jenny Dupont- Resource (Room 103)

    Jan Womble- Resource (Room 114)

    Elissa Robbins- Multiple Abilities Program (Room 117)

    Caitlyn Workinger- Multiple Abilities Program (Room 118)

    Laureen Scianimanico- Speech and Language Pathologist (Room 24)

    Cathy Weiss- Speech and Language Pathologist (Room 117)

    Dema Alrefai Atassi- Teaching Assistant (Room 117)

    Carolyn Harrel- Teaching Assistant (Room 115)

    Glenda Hayes- Teaching Assistant (Rooom 115)

    Joyce Lindsey- Teaching Assistant (Room 117)

    Tamika McCloud- Teaching Assistant (Room 118)

    Karen Moore- Teaching Assistant (Room 118)

    Carl Simmons- Teaching Assistant (Room 116)


Parent Rights Handbook

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    Please click on the image to get a copy of the Parent Rights & Responsibilities in Special Education (English & Spanish)

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     School Supplies

    • Painter's tape (varied colors)
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Boxes of tissue
    • Velcro
    • Ziploc bags (different sizes)
    • Paper towels
    • Dot markers
    • Changing wipes
    • Sanitizing wipes