Meet Your Teachers, Staff and Students!

  • Click the Image to Meet the GHS Departments, Staff and Students!


    The GHS Alma Mater Virtual Choir

    Do you recognize any of the voices? Join Mrs. Earnhardt and you, too, will be able to sing like and angel!

     GHS Alma Mater Virtual Choir

    GHS Principal LeDuan Pratt

    Not just anyone can be a Bobcat.  Are you up to the challenge and ready to reap the rewards?  Principal Pratt asks the question!  

    Pratt Intro

    GHS Science Department             

    Think your science teacher's talents are only limited to periodic tables, biology and the environment?  Think again!  They are artistic and fun-loving, too!  Listen to this song written about science by Mr. Rucker.


    GHS Social Studies Department

    Everywhere you look you will see a familiar GHS face if you click the image!

     Social Studies

    GHS Math Department                   

    Ever wondered who is the greatest math host in the world?  Look no further:  It's The Herringness!


    GHS Fine Arts Department                 

    Art is life and life is art.  When we are finally back together you will see what makes the GHS Fine Arts Department second to none.


    GHS World Languages Department                 

    Do you enjoy traveling, community engagement, art, culture and fine cuisine?  Meet the teachers that are here to bring those experiences to life!  






    GHS ESL Department                 

    English as a Second Language is a vital part of the Bobcat Community.  Click on the video to the right to learn more from Dr. Arizmendi!    


    GHS ESL Department                 

    Mrs. Helsabeck and Mr. Harvey may look like they are catching some surf and sun, but these two are hard at work and eager to support our ESL students virtually until we can meet up at the water tower.    


    GHS SGA President 2019, Caleb Pledger and GHS SGA President 2020, Leilani Herrera                 

    Welcome back from former Bobcats, Caleb and Lela!  Although they are now college biology majors, once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat!  


    GHS English Department                  

    One of the greatest things about literature is its ability to transcend space and time.  Join the teachers of English as they help you cultivate a love for literature, critical thinking and cultural relevancy.   


    GHS Student Services

    This team does exactly what their title implies.  They serve the students of Glenn High School by supporting them with registration, transcripts, scholarships, social and emotional learning and needs, scheduling, future goals, AP courses, and career development.  And that is just the beginning! Please take a moment to meet some of Glenn's finest!

    GHS SS

    GHS Accounting Teacher

    The wonderful thing about family is that there is always room for one more.  This year, Mrs. Merrills has decided to join the Bobcat family and the CTE Department. Welcome Home!


    GHS CTE Department

    Are you interested in health, nursing, industrial technology, business, marketing, fire academy?  This department makes certain you are ready for the career of your choice upon graduation.  Stop by Auxiliary Services to see Mr. Carl Glenn to learn more about career development and mentoring opportunities!  There is something for everyone in CTE. 



    GHS EC Department

    At Glenn High School, our EC staff and students matter.  They are here to make certain that students with disabilities develop academically, socially and physically and vocationally through individualized services.  However, in addition to doing their life's work with love, they also make certain to have a little fun and spread a lot of Bobcat sunshine along the way.