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  • The Virtual Academy Comprehensive School Counseling Program is geared toward the whole child.  Our goal is to recognize, identify, strengthen, and encourage the gifts and talents of each student. Our job is to promote the socioemotional health and academic success of students, so they can excel in the classroom and the world!  The program is preventative and proactive in nature.  The Virtual Academy Counseling Program will include weekly grade level counseling activities, monthly virtual classroom counseling lessons, collaboration with staff and families for student success. Counselors will also be available for appointments and by referral by teachers, students, and families.   We strive to see the students be successful by empowering them to accept their full potential and to achieve their personal, academic, and social/emotional goals. We believe that all students are capable of acquiring the skills necessary for academic success, personal development, emotional balance, positive interpersonal relationships, career development, and healthy choices.

Last Modified on September 24, 2020