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    Apps to Promote Emotional Well Being 


    Our classroom teachers are hard at work providing online learning opportunities for our students.  As we're continuing their academic education, they also need to continue their social-emotional learning as well!  These are some apps that you may find useful for children (or maybe even grownups) as we try to stay emotionally healthy right now.  Some of these apps are free; others require a one time cost and some may be subscription services.  Most can be found on both apple and android devices.


    Apps to help students identify emotions:

    Avokiddo Emotions:  young children dress up silly animals and learn about their personalities and emotions

    Emotions from I Can Do Apps:  uses real pictures of children's faces to help kids explore and identify different emotions   

    Zones of Regulation App:  helps students categorize feelings into four color zones


    Apps about mindfulness or being calm

    Stop, Breathe, Think for Kids:  meditation and mindfulness made easy for kids ages 5-10

    Mindful Powers:  very child friendly app that empowers kids to bring calm into their lives

    Headspace for Kids:  simple breathing exercises for kids to focus on calm

    DreamyKid:  a meditation app that whole families can use

    Kids Yoga Deck:  kids flip through a virtual deck of yoga cards with pictures of real kids demonstrating poses

    ChillOutz:  fun, animated stories teaching kids to stay calm in any situation


    Apps to help with focus and attention

    Bear Focus Timer:  this app uses simple black and white graphics to break tasks into time chunks for kids, a method used for increasing focus and concentration

    Focus Booster App:  same methods as the Bear Focus Timer but geared towards all age levels

    Ninja Focus:  app helps with concentration and mindfulness with an engaging ninja theme

    Color by Number:  color a picture by number using focus and concentration


    Apps to promote gratitude

    Three Good Things:  simple online journal where you list 3 good things about each day.  This focus on gratitude leads to greater happiness

Last Modified on August 12, 2020