• Career Center Attendance Policy and Excuse Note Submission


    Students are expected to attend all of their CC classes each day.  When a student has to be absent, it is expected he/she will bring a note for that absence within 2 days of his/her return to CC.  During Remote Learning, excuse notes must be emailed from a parent/guardian email account to the teacher(s) and Julia Starkey for proper documentation. Students who do not submit an acceptable note within 2 days of their return from an absence, will have their absence coded as UNEXCUSED.  An official note from a doctor, dentist, court appointment, etc. is preferred; however, a parent note is acceptable for an illness not requiring a doctor’s visit.  No more than 10 absences documented by a parent note in one semester will be accepted as excused absences.  separate note for your home school and for Career Center will be required.  Students and parents need to communicate with each school separately regarding attendance.  Notes must include: student name, number, date of absence, parent signature and parent phone number.  


    Excused Absences are classified as follows:

    Excused: In accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, the following conditions shall constitute valid reasons for excused absences.    

    Excused Absence

    Required Documentation

    1. Illness or injury   

    Parent Note or Doctor Note

    2. Quarantine 

    Doctor Note

    3.Death in the immediate family 

    Obituary with Parent Note

    4. Medical or dental appointments 

    Official Documentation

    5. Court or administrative proceedings   

    Official Documentation

    6. Religious observances   

    Parent Note

    7. Educational opportunity 

    Official Documentation with Prior Approval

    Religious observances: Students, upon written request of their parents, will be granted an excused absence to observe a religious holiday or to participate in off-campus religious instruction or worship/devotional exercises.

    Educational opportunity: A student may be granted an excused absence to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity such as travel, an internship or a legislative page.  To be approved, the student or the student’s parent must submit a written statement at least 5 days prior to the absence explaining how the experience will enhance the student’s knowledge or understanding of one or more subjects contained in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. In addition, the student must agree to write a paper or produce some other work product that evidences the knowledge he/she has gained from the educational experience.

    For a more complete definition of each condition, reference should be made to the State Board of Education regulation. 

    Tardiness: Students are expected to be in their classes on time each day. A student who arrives late to  class, or leaves the virtual instruction period prior to the being dismissed, will be subject to the tardy policy.  Oral warnings are issued for 1st and 2nd tardies.  Parent contact by the teacher will be made for the 3rd tardy.  Any tardy beyond the third will warrant a D-1 and referral to administration for disciplinary action.  An accumulation of 5 unexcused tardies will count as one UNEXCUSED absence. To excuse a tardy, the student must present an acceptable note at the time of arrival that day. 


    Attendance Violation: If a student exceeds 3 UNEXCUSED absences in a SEMESTER (including any unexcused absences due to unexcused tardies), then he/she has violated the CC Attendance Policy and may receive an FF/50 for his/her semester average in each course where he/she violated the policy.  Students will be offered the opportunity to make up time (outside of class time) for each unexcused absence over 3 in order to receive their earned grade for the semester.  All students who violate the policy must submit an Attendance Appeal form (with documented make up time included) in order to potentially receive their earned grade in the class.  A waiver must be completed for each class in which the student violates the attendance policy. 


    Note that students are allowed to make up work when absent.  It is the student's responsibility to get the make up work from their teachers.  One day per absence is allowed for make up work to be turned in.  Not all class activities, labs, etc. can be made up by the student.  Alternate assignments and assessments may be used at the discretion of the teacher.  


    Exam Exemptions: High School Exam Exemption Policy (updated 11/17/2015).


    Students are responsible for keeping track of their attendance via the web application and understanding attendance codes.  Please use the chart below to determine your attendance codes.

    Attendance Codes



    1A = Illness or Injury

    1B = Medical/Dental Appt

    1C = Death in Family

    1D = Quarantine

    1E = Court/Admin Procedure

    1F = Religious Observance

    1G = Educational Opportunity*

    1H = Teacher-In-Treatment

    1I = Local Sch Board Policy*

    1M = Medically Fragile

    1N = Deployment Activity

    A   = Unexcused Absence

    2A = Unexcused Absence

    T2 = Unexcused Tardy

    3   = Suspension

    * 1G coded absences will count against Exam Exemptions; 1I coded absences will not count against Exam Exemptions.

Last Modified on August 14, 2020