it's my call


    A nationally recognized, exemplary random student drug testing program based upon RESPECT for all student participants and their families.
    This program allows parents and students to decide together to make a stand to remain drug-free throughout their Middle School years. It gives students a chance to LEAD BY EXAMPLE in demonstrating responsibility through their choices. 
    Students understand how decisions they make today will affect their future - and they're taking a stand. Participation in It's My Call provides students with an opportunity to evaluate themselves and to make a personal commitment. The choice to lead by example is an important step towards creating a caring and safe school culture.
    -Open to all Middle School Students
    -Enrollment is voluntary
    -Private and Confidential
    -Testing is conducted at school by Partnership for a Drug Free NC
    -Students to be tested are selected at random
    -Results are confirmed by a certified laboratory


    Q: Do I sign a pledge card every year?
    A: No. You enroll once, and you are making a com- mitment for your entire middle school career.

    Q: If I am a middle school Crosby Scholar, am I re- quired to sign up for Its My Call?
    A: You are not required to participate in Its My Call, but it is encouraged. Incentives will be awarded to Crosby Scholars who choose to par- ticipate in Its My Call.

    Q: How many participants will be drug tested?
    A: Up to 33% of all participants (middle school and high school) will be randomly selected by an inde- pendent agency each school year.

    Q: How does the drug test work?
    A: The test will be a urinalysis, the same type of test used by many employers. Procedures will adhere to strict standards to ensure privacy, respectful treatment, and the accuracy of the results. A NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) certi- fied lab will analyze the urine sample for a wide array of commonly abused drugs including alco- hol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and other controlled substances.

    Q: If I am tested, will I know the results?
    A: You and your parent(s) will only be notified if the test is positive (substances are detected in the urine). You will be notified by letter, usually within 10 business days.

    Q: What happens if my test is positive?
    A: You and your parent(s) will be given the oppor- tunity to participate in an assessment provided by Partnership for a Drug-Free NC (PDFNC). Intervention, ranging from an educational pro- gram to intensive treatment, will be discussed with you and your parent(s). No one at your school, including principals and teachers, will be told of the test results.

    Q: What is the cost of the intervention services?
    A: There will be no cost for services provided by PDFNC. Students and families who need or choose alternative services must have the alter- native approved and are financially responsible for those services.

    Q: What if I am selected but choose not to take the drug test?
    A: If you choose not to provide a urine sample, the test results will be considered positive.

    Q: What if I cannot provide a urine sample?
    A: You will be provided with water and will be asked to wait an hour. If you cannot provide a urine sample at that time, you (accompanied by your parent(s)) will be asked to provide a sample on-site at PDFNC. If a medical condition prevents you from providing a sample, that condition must be con- firmed by your physician.

    Q: What if I test positive and then choose not to participate in the assessment or recommended intervention program?
    A: If you do not schedule and attend the assessment or if you choose not to participate in the recommended intervention program, a letter will be sent to the administrator at your school explaining that you have chosen to withdraw from Its My Call. Your test results remain confidential. At any time during your middle school career, you may choose to follow through with the recommended assessment and in- tervention and will be eligible to rejoin Its My Call.

    Q: What if I am attending or have completed the recom- mended intervention and I test positive a second time in a random test?
    A: If you test positive a second time or if you choose not to participate in a second drug test, you will be withdrawn from Its My Call and will be ineligible to participate in the pro- gram for 365 calendar days.

    Q: What if I am taking prescription drugs?
    A: If selected for a drug test, you will be asked to list the prescription drugs you are taking. If you test positive for any of these substances and your prescription the dosage are confirmed to PDFNC by your physician, your test results will be considered negative. 
    Its My Call brochure, English and Spanish: