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  • Third Grade Teachers

    Laura Olarte

    Felicia Williams

    Mykala Wright

  • Third Grade Learning

    North Carolina State Testing Accountability

    • BOG (Beginning of Grade) Testing in Reading (September)
    • Quarter End Benchmarks Test in Reading and Math
    • EOG (End of Grade) Testing in Reading and Math (May)



    Informational Text (non-fiction) and Literature (fiction)

    Key Concepts:

    • Main Idea and Key Details
    • Central Message
    • Justify answers using evidence from the text 
    • Summarize text
    • Sequence of Events
    • Increase Vocabulary

    Writing Samples

    • Informational
    • Narrative
    • Opinion


    Key Concepts:

    • Addition/Subtraction to 1,000
    • Reading Data and Graphs
    • Multiplication
    • Two-step Story problems
    • Fractions
    • Geometry
    • Perimeter/Area
    • Measurement
    • Elapsed Time
Last Modified on August 17, 2023