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    Your Brain is Pretty Amazing!!

    Hello everyone.  We have made it to Friday.  But it is not only Friday, it is Fun F.L.E.X. Friday.  That means you should be very proud of yourself for completing this first week of virtual, synchronous, Canvas, Zoom meeting - WACK-a-DOODLE week of the 2020-2021 school year!  Wahoo!! 

    Remember from this spring a FLEX day is for you to:

    Have Fun

    Do something Leisurely (that means relaxing)

    Do something for your Emotion/social health (that means not stressful)

    Or take this eXtra time to catch up on any work you may have missed or need to finish


    I am Cathy Smith and I have been the science specialist for the last 3 years.  But until we can come back into the school building, I am working with the Tech Dept and teachers to help you with instructional tech issues.  But Mr. Ash and Mr. Pressly didn't want us to forget about science so on Fridays, we can chat, watch a video or two, do an experiment or share about places and things we have seen, heard and experienced.  

    This week let's talk about your brain.  Boy, have you been working it this week.  Did you know that your brain has a hemisphere, which splits it into 2 halves?  You also have different parts for the different things your brain does for you.  It controls your thinking & learning.  It helps you move your muscles and it even help with your feelings and emotions.  There is even a part that helps you with making decisions.  We have all been using our brains a lot the last few months because we have been dealing with a lot of changes.  Lots of family members are living with us or we can’t go see family, like grandparents.  We can’t play sports.  We can't have friends over.  We can’t go to school or vacation like we used to.  It’s a lot to deal with.  Sometimes you might feel like your brain is about to explode from all the things happening around us.

    Take care of your brain – it needs plenty of sleep.  A tired brain can be sluggish, and you can feel droopy. Eight hours a night is a good rule of thumb.  Young kids need a little more and older folks like me, maybe can get by with a little less.  Your brain needs hydration (that means water) to function properly. Again, if you feel slowed down or can't make up your mind, you might need a good drink of water.  If you are feeling sad or angry or anxious talk about it. Your brain knows when you need to be heard. It will make you and your brain feel better.

    Stretch your brain and make it grow! Try new things that make your brain grow new neutrons and synapses. Learning Spanish is one great way to stretch your brain.  Learning to play a sport, or the drums or paint all grow your brain. You are in that wonder decade of the first 10 years when your brain does the most growing.  Use this time to try everything!!  And no, you head won’t get bigger, but your brain will definitely hold more information.  You won’t look like Megamind, but you can think like one!

    For Today's Fun F.L.E.X. Friday activity, look below for steps One clip art Two Clip art ,  Three clip art , and finally Four clip art !


  • One clip art   Below, please watch my video: Introduction to FLEX Friday Science Activities:

  • two clip art    Now click below to watch Your Fantastic Elastic Brain written by JoAnn Deak, Ph.D. and read aloud by #KidTimeStoryTime:

  • Three Clip art  For today, let's try a Memory Game like they did in the book. There are lots of funs ones.  Card games like Go Fish, Concentration, Matching Games.  There is an old toy called Simon, that flashes colors and makes beeping sounds. Do you have a Bop It? One we played a lot when we were traveling is called I'm Going to Zanzibar.  It was fun especially if there were a lot of people.  Try this with your family. If you don't have a memory game at your house the directions for I'm Going to Zanzibar are listed below and there are no materials required, except your BRAIN.


    5 Reasons We Love Clue | TodayTix Insider    Who Am I Board Game Family Fun 2 Two Player Mystery Guess Face ...     Vintage 1978 Original Simon Says Electronic Game Milton Brad     Alphabet Old Maid & Concentration Cards (Uppercase & Lowercase ...     Amazon.com: GlobalDream Go Fish Card Game for Kids - Go Fish and ...


    Directions for playing I’m going to Zanzibar.

    You can have as many players as you choose.  Each player begins their turn by saying, “I’m going to Zanzibar and in my suitcase, there is a ______.”  Player one must have something that starts with an "A" like apples or an avocado.  Player two must repeat the "A" item and then add a "B" item like a butterfly or bubblegum.  You continue to repeat each item in alphabetical order and add the next letter item to your list.   You play until someone can not remember an item or your reach the end of the alphabet.

    **If this is too easy, start at the end of the alphabet and go backwards.  
    **To help yourself remember items, use a motion or gesture that helps you remember the items. Now you are using 2 parts of your brain to store & remember the information.  Smart move!


  • Four Clip Art (Optional but fun!) With your parent's permission, get your parent or guardian to Tweet us @SpeasGlobal, Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with a photo or short video of the Memory Game you tried today! We will share these photos to inspire other #IBSpeasBees (Plus, we need photos from 1st quarter for our Yearbook!) We like smiling faces, but if your mom or dad doesn't want your face on the internet, we will like seeing a photo of the Memory Game(s) you tried too!



    There is a great opportunity for you to get a free science kit from the High Point University Biology Club.  The registration deadline is Sept. 1st. They have some really cool lab kits with experiments you can do at home. Click here to get the details for these kits!


    Email me if you think of something interesting we can do for FLEX Friday Science or tell me about something you have tried new to stretch & grow that beautiful brain of yours.  My email is csmith@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  For the next FLEX Fridays, I'm thinking some fun experiments you can do at home after we do it at school or maybe a virtual field trip. Let me hear from you!! You always have the best ideas!!!

    Have fun. Bee safe. Bee Happy. Hope to see my precious Bees soon.

     happy bee

    Ms. Smith