Mr. Gregory Fisher “Let Learning be Cherished”

    Email: gsfisher@wsfcs.k12.nc.us            

    Office Hours: Tuesday: 12:15 to 12:45 (Atkins Students only)

                             M-Th: 7:30 to 8:00 (Combined with my students from Career Center also)

                             F: 10:00 – 11:00 (Combined with my students from Career Center also)

    Remind Code:  @2020stats4.  Send to 81010

    Handbook for Atkins: bit.ly/AtkinsVirtualHandbook

    Canvas:   Assignments and Lessons will be posted in Canvas under the module for the unit.   Most assignments will be due prior to midnight before the next class.   


    Tutoring: If you have questions or need extra help, come to office hours to schedule a time I can help you.  I will try to answer as many questions as possible during class while still allowing time to instruct.  If you need more help than class time allows, please come to me for tutoring during office hours.  A practice AP Exam will be given three weeks before the AP exam.  We will have a digital textbook that is a great resource.



    • Communication: Assignments, lessons, and notes will be posted in Canvas.   I will use Remind.com to communicate with you as needed.  I encourage you to email me with questions and concerns at any time. Any student or parent interested in receiving Remind Text Messages should text the following codes to 81010:  @fisher20at



    • Late Work and Make-up Work

    Work must be made up in a timely manner.  If it is not possible to make up the work within two physical days, please talk to me and we will discuss a plan to get the work completed.


    • Exam Policy

    Students are required to take the AP exam in May in order to earn AP credit for this course.  Failure to take the AP exam will result in the FINAL grade for the course being reduced by one letter grade (minimum of 10 points).  Exam Exemption: Students are eligible in this course for exam exemptions per the WSFCS Exam Exemption policy.  The exemption is for the teacher-made exam given at the end of this course. 



    • Supplies


    3 – ring binder that can be shared with another class, computer with internet connection, loose leaf paper, pencils, graphing calculator (see below), and digital textbook   Access to a printer is highly suggested.   


    Grading Scale

    60% Tests: Unit or chapter tests will be given every two to three weeks (3-4 per quarter).  If you know in advance that you are going to be absent on a test day, see me to make arrangements to take the test.  If you are absent due to sickness on a test day, email me to make arrangements to make the test up.  A cumulative quarter test will be administered at the end of each of the first three quarters that includes questions on topics from the entire quarter.  


    20% Homework/Videos/Synchronous class work  

    • Homework is checked on a regular basis with an effort check. Students are to turn in the homework by midnight the day before it is due.   Any student who doesn’t turn in the homework will get a zero.   Occasionally, homework will be checked for accuracy.   Often, I will ask students to self-report their grades by filling out a brief survey in Canvas after I go over the HW.  If I spot-check their homework and my assessment is very different than what is self-reported then the student will earn two zeros, have to spend 30 minutes with me, and I will contact the parents the first time with more severe punishment for subsequent violations (For example, if a student says he got an ‘9’ but didn’t turn it in then that student gets 2 zeros etc…) . Students must show work especially for odd numbered problems.
    • Videos: Often, students will watch video on their own as part of their learning.  Unless otherwise stated, the videos are mandatory and students need to fill in the guided notes.   There will usually be reflection questions for students to also complete.   The guided notes will be collected virtually so students need to keep them throughout the quarter
    • Classwork: In class, we will sometime do labs and have class/group discussion.  Likewise, I will sometimes spontaneously ask the students to answer a question in chat (usually open ended) to make sure they are paying attention.  Students are expected to have their camera on during the synchronous time unless given permission by the teacher to turn it off.


    20% Writing Assignments/Quizzes/Remediation:

      • Writing Assignments: Expressing statistical conclusions accurately through writing needs practice.  Writing assignments will be given regularly that involve concepts previously covered.  These sheets will be given in addition to daily assignments on new topics.  You will generally have a few days to complete the writing assignments.  The due dates on the writing assignments are strongly enforced.  Students must complete the writing assignment without the assistance of others or the internet.   Students who violate this expectation could receive a zero on the assignment.  
      • Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given to assess knowledge.  Most of the quizzes will be announced.  


    • Remediation: Sometimes students will be assigned remediation to focus on things that they missed on assessments or writing assignments or simply to practice key concepts.  Students affectionately have called it “Tough Love”




    • Honor Code: Students are expected to do their OWN homework and writing assignments.   Any writing assignment based on a released version will count as a zero for that assignment.  Students are not to talk about quizzes or tests until everyone has completed them.   






    The AP Statistics exam is completely Calculator Active.  Topics in class will be taught in three stages in order to best prepare for the AP Exam:  (1)  without the statistics capabilities of the calculator, (2)  utilizing the spreadsheet (list) functions on the calculator, and (3)  utilizing the statistics capabilities of the graphing calculator.  We will be using the graphing calculator for classwork and homework.   Any TI-83 or TI-84 calculator is acceptable, but the TI-84+ or higher is strongly recommended.  Newer versions of the TI-84+ Calculator have the Operating System 2.55 or higher.   Any version of the TI-84+ or TI-84+ Silver Edition is eligible for a free upgrade to the new Operating System.   Students can download “wabitemu” for Windows Computer and Android Phones or GrafNcalc83 for Iphone The school also loans calculators.


    Please go to www.tinyurl.com/fishersyllabussign to acknowledge that 

    “I attest that I have received a copy of Mr. Fisher’s syllabus and am aware of the expectations for his class.”