• Health Science

    Foundations of Health Science

    This course is designed to assist potential healthcare workers in their roles and function as health team members. Topics include medical terminology, the history of health care, healthcare agencies, ethics, legal responsibilities, health careers, holistic health, healthcare trends, cultural awareness, communication, medical math, leadership, and career decision-making.

    Health Sciences 1

    Focus on human anatomy, physiology, and human body diseases and disorders, and biomedical therapies. Explore healthcare careers within the context of human body systems. Projects, teamwork, and demonstrations serve as instructional strategies that reinforce the curriculum content. English language arts and science are reinforced.

    Health Sciences 2

    This course helps students expand their understanding of financing and trends of health care agencies, fundamentals of wellness, legal and ethical issues, concepts of teamwork, and effective communication. Students will learn healthcare skills related to the Health Science Career Cluster pathways. American Heart Association guidelines will be used for CPR and first aid training. This course includes a supplemental clinical internship. Language arts, mathematics, and communications are reinforced in this course. HOSA activities support networking with healthcare professionals through volunteerism. Prerequisite: Health Science 1.

Last Modified on February 20, 2023