WS/FCS Student Chromebook Usage and Guidelines


    Chromebooks contain a lithium-based rechargeable battery.  Lithium batteries are potentially hazardous and present a fire hazard if damaged, defective, or improperly used. 


    Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook and charging adapter they have been issued by WS/FCS.  Chromebooks that are broken, malfunctioning, or otherwise fail to work properly, must be taken to one of the WS/FCS Technology Exchange Depots (


    • Never have food or drink around the Chromebook.
    • Chromebooks should be completely shut down (powered off) when not in use.
      • Never leave the Chromebook charging unattended.
    • Use your Chromebook on a hard, flat surface. Allow plenty of space around the Chromebook for ventilation and heat to escape the device.
      • Never use the Chromebook on your lap.
      • Never use or leave the Chromebook unattended on a bed, carpet, around blankets, or anything with fabric.
    • Do not expose your Chromebook to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the laptop.
      • Always bring your Chromebook to room temperature prior to turning it on.
    • Do not insert things, especially metal objects, into the openings and ports on your Chromebook.
    • Heavy objects should never be placed on top of Chromebooks.
    • Chromebooks should never be loaned to another student or individual during the school day or otherwise.
      • Only the WS/FCS student or the parent/guardian should be handling or operating the Chromebook.
    • Never lift or carry a Chromebook by the screen.
      • Always carry the Chromebook using two hands.
    • Before closing the Chromebook, make sure there is nothing on the keyboard (i.e. pencils, pens, etc.) to prevent a full lid closure.
    • Do not physically alter the Chromebook in any way.
      • Do not place stickers or mark on the Chromebook with permanent paint or marker.
    • Do not remove or interfere with asset labels, serial numbers, or any other identification placed on the Chromebook.
    • Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the Chromebook.
      • Do not take the Chromebook to any repair facility. Broken or malfunctioning Chromebooks need to be taken to on our WS/FSC Technology Exchange Depots.


    • Place the charging adapter on a hard, flat surface while charging.
      • Never place on the bed, carpet, blankets, or anything with fabric.
    • Never unplug the charging adapter by pulling on the cord.
      • Plug and unplug the charging adapter by lining the charger straight with the charging port.
    • Be careful to keep the charging cable out of the way from foot traffic to prevent someone from tripping.
    • Be careful not to jerk, pull, or twist your Chromebook when cables are attached.


    • Wipe all surfaces lightly with a clean, soft cloth.
    • DO NOT use water or any cleaning solution on the Chromebook.


    Chromebooks should never be stored in an unsupervised area.  Chromebooks should be securely stored or locked away when not in use. 

    • If a Chromebook is lost or stolen, it is the student, parent, or guardian’s responsibility to report it immediately to WS/FCS.
      • Report a lost or stolen device immediately to your school Principal.
      • A police report may be required in the event the Chromebook has been stolen. It is the responsibility of the student, parent, or guardian to file the police report as the Chromebook was in their possession.
    • Parents/Guardians/Students may be charged for the full replacement cost of a Chromebook that has been lost or stolen.


    WS/FCS uses technology protection measures to limit or restrict access to material considered harmful or inappropriate to students.  It may not be possible for WS/FCS to absolutely prevent such access.  Despite our best efforts and beyond the limits of content filtering technology, a student may run across some material that is objectionable.

    • Students should never attempt to circumvent WS/FCS content filtering technology.


    The provided Chromebooks are the property of WS/FCS.  WS/FCS may examine the provided devices and search their contents at any time for any reason.  Neither students nor guardians have any right to privacy of any data saved on the devices or in a cloud-based account to which the devices connect.  WS/FCS may involve law enforcement if the devices are thought to have been used for an illegal purpose.  WS/FCS reserves the right to demand the return of any of the provided devices at any time.