• Sliding Rock, NC

    Water, Water Everywhere!

    We LOVE water. We need water. Water covers about 70% of the Earth. Water is one of the most fun places to be!!
    The top photo is Sliding Rock in North Carolina. It is one of my favorite places to go to have fun in the water.

    This FLEX Friday we are going to talk about and do some activities with water. I hope you have a great FLEX Friday doing something that has water in it - even if it is only taking a good long drink of water after exercising. Mr. L., our PE teacher, reminds us all the time to hydrate!!  Please enjoy the videos and I hope you try one of the water activities I've shown you.


    For Today's Fun F.L.E.X. Friday activity, look below for steps One clip art ,    Two Clip art ,    Three clip art    and finally  Four clip art !!


    Step  One clip art  -  Below, please watch my video:  Water, Water Everywhere! hydroponic garden

  • Step Two Clip art  - Get inspired by the fun water activities from Science Buddies. Click here to look over their "Summer of STEM - Week 6: Water Play" and pick one activity (or more) you would like to do today!

    This Science Buddies website has so many great resource for fun and interesting science activities of all kinds.

    walking water

    Step  Three clip art  - Now click below to watch the story, The Water Princess by Susan Verde read aloud by Read Me A Book

  • StepFour Clip Art (Optional but fun!) With your parent's permission, get your parent or guardian to Tweet us @SpeasGlobal, Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with a photo or short video of any fun way you tried playing or working with water today! We will share these photos to inspire other #IBSpeasBees (Plus, we need photos from 1st quarter for our Yearbook!) We like smiling faces, but if your mom or dad doesn't want your face on the internet, we will like seeing a photo of the water activities you tried too!

     rain in baggie


    There is a great opportunity for you to get a free science kit from the High Point University Biology Club.  The registration deadline is Sept. 1st. They have some really cool lab kits with experiments you can do at home. Click here to get the details for these kits!

    Email me if you think of something interesting we can do for FLEX Friday Science or tell me about something you have tried new to stretch & grow that beautiful brain of yours.  My email is csmith@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  For the next FLEX Fridays, I'm thinking some fun experiments you can do at home after we do it at school or maybe a virtual field trip. Let me hear from you!! You always have the best ideas!!!