• Toyota Family Literacy Program

    Education is the Key to your family's success

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    There are four components to the Toyota Family Literacy Program;

    1. Adult ESL Classes: Parents attend English as a Second Language classes during the school day. Instructors are provided by Forsyth Technical Community College.   Childcare is provided so that parents can focus on learning. Parents learn English while also learning their children’s curriculum.  They simultaneously learn English and how to help their children succeed in school.
    2. Parent and Child Together Time (PACT): Parents visit their children’s classrooms and participate in educational activities on a regular basis. They learn how to support classroom activities at home and how to increase their children’s classroom success.
    3. Parent Collaboration Time:  Parents have time to discuss together what they have learned in their children’s classroom. They collaborate with the instructor to identify and develop presentations that are built around parents’ interests and school-related topics. Parents also have the opportunity to participate in community events outside of the classroom.
    4. Children’s Education: As parents learn how to assist their children, students are working hard to build literacy skills. This teamwork between schools and parents has been proven to lead to better academic outcomes for students.

    Three schools currently participate in this program:

    • Old Town Elementary School
    • Easton Elementary School
    • Mineral Springs Elementary School

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