• headphones    SOUND - Let's Make Some Noise!

    Hello Speas Bees.  Welcome back to FLEX Friday science with Ms Smith.  Today we are going to explore the world of sound. Sounds are all around us.  Sounds can be loud or soft, calming or alarming, low or high in pitch.  We are going to explore how sounds are made, how we hear them and then we can make some NOISE with DIY instruments you make with recycled or house hold items. Kaboom, baby!
    For Today's Fun F.L.E.X. Friday activity, look below for steps One clip art ,    Two Clip art ,    Three clip art ,   Four clip art  and finally Number 5 Clip Art !!

  • StepOne clip art  - Watch my wack-a-doodle video about sound. cowbell


    Step Two Clip art  - This step can be optional, but there is a great video on Sound in Scolastic Study Jams.  Scholastic Study Jams is a fun resource for learning about science and math topics. You will be a sound expert after watching this! 

    ear   Learn how sound travels through your auditory (that means hearing)  system so your brain can hear what’s going on. And that’s not all your ears do. Your ears play a vital part in keeping your balance and figuring out where you are in the world. Watch:  Science Trek - Hearing: How Your Ears Work.

  • Step Three clip art  - Let's make some fun instruments that you can create with using things you have at home.  I'm going to make a tongue depressor kazoo.  There is also an easy toilet paper roll kazoo you can make.  In the last video I'm sharing, there are several easy do-it-yourself instruments. 

    Be sure to decorate and make them fancy!                          DIY Instruments

  • Step  Four clip art !!  ENJOY your DIY Dance and Play Concert with Pharrell and the Minions!

  • Number 5 Clip Art FINALLY,  (Optional but fun!) With your parent's permission, get your parent or guardian to Tweet us @SpeasGlobal, Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with a photo or short video of any fun way you tried creating an instrument! We will share these photos to inspire other #IBSpeasBees (Plus, we need photos from 1st quarter for our Yearbook!) We like smiling faces, but if your mom or dad doesn't want your face on the internet, we will like seeing a photo of the sound activities you tried too!

    Email me if you think of something interesting we can do for FLEX Friday Science or tell me about something you have tried new to stretch & grow that beautiful brain of yours.  My email is csmith@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  Let me hear from you!! You always blow me away with your great ideas!!!