• All students are required to earn 22 credits in order to graduate from Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools. Along with the required courses, students are encouraged to enroll in Career Technical Education (CTE) courses that match career interests.  WSFCS provides electives in specific clusters (e.g. Fire Academy students are asked to focus on the courses in the Fire Acadmey/Public Safety Cluster).   A list of the district graduation requirements is provided below.
        English Pic
    4 Credits in ENGLISH....... English I, II, III, and  IV  
    Math Pic
    4 Credits in MATH....... Math I, II, III and a Math beyond (i.e. Math IV, or Pre-Calculus)
     Science Pic
    4 Credits in SCIENCE...... Earth/Environmental Science, Biology, Physical Science or Chemistry, & a Science elective 
    Social Studies Pic
    4 Credits in SOCIAL STUDIES....... World History, Civics & Economics, American History I or American History II or AP US History, and a Social Studies elective
     PE Pic
    2 Credits in PE/HEALTH...... PE I or Dance 1A, PE II or Dance 1B, Life Management Skills, and Health (Note: If a student takes JROTC 1, they have fulfilled their PE II and Life Management Skills requirements.)
     Elective Pic
    4 Credits in ELECTIVES...... 2 Electives in a concentration of CTE, World Languages, or the Arts and 2 Electives in CTE, World Languages, Arts, JROTC, or other subject area 
Last Modified on September 16, 2020