• Welcome to Parkland High School!

    Parkland’s Family Engagement Department is excited to share the new year of E-learning, new experiences, and a new journey with you this year. It is so awesome to welcome you back to an exciting new adventure of learning, building positive relationships and connecting you with various resources to help our children be successful. 

    Our Family Engagement Team is available to you and will provide support and assist each of you through navigating our new normal here at Parkland High School  

    We are here to serve as a liaison between school, parents, students, educators, and members of our community.  

    We will keep you up to date on information, services, programs, resources, and special events through various communication outlets.  

    Please be sure to stay connected and follow Parkland High School on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, our school-wide website for staff contact information and up to date news.   

    Our Family Engagement Department manages the Help Desk available online. The Parkland Help Desk is available for you to ask questions, request assistance, and navigate communicating with any member of our staff and teachers.  

    You are welcome to contact any member of Parkland’s bilingual support staff, Ms. Carroll, Mrs. Gudino, and Mr.  Tobar via the Help Desk, by email or contacting the main office.  

    Again, Welcome and we are looking forward to providing support to all students, families, and staff and connecting with you soon.  


    Have a great year! 

    Nichelle Carroll 
    Ms. Nichelle C. Carroll, B.A, M.Ed.
    Engagement Coordinator
    Volunteer / Faculty Advisor
    Partnerships in Education
    Parkland Magnet High School
    (Office) 336-771-4700 ext. 76743
    (Fax) 336-771-4703