• Questions from parents from the September Parent Survey & our responses

    I need help understanding or getting grades. 

    Click here for instructions from our "Parent" page. A video tutorial is also there to help.

    If you would like a LIVE tutorial, Ms. Meadows (Parent/Family Engagement Coordinator) is hosting multiple sessions helping parents create accounts & learn how to find their student's grades. Visit the calendar on the "Parent" page for frequent updates.

    How can I get access to all my child teachers' email? How do I contact teachers?

    The quickest way to contact the teacher is to get the teacher’s email address from the NWMS website. 

    • Click the “Faculty” page to see an alphabetical listing of teachers. 
    • Click directly on the teacher's email address to start an email. 
    • In the email, you can also ask if they have a Google Voice number so that they can talk to you on the phone or meet with you in a virtual meeting on Flex Friday.

    If you have a Parent Canvas account, you can email teachers directly. Video: “How to Email in Canvas” 

    Do the teachers have to accept a student into the teams meeting or should they be able to automatically connect to said class?

    For security reasons, teachers accept students as they appear in the lobby. This is a WSFCS district policy. All students must be using their school email account in Microsoft TEAMS. If they are using a different email account, they will appear as a “Guest”, and they will not  be admitted to the class.

    I feel that some of the teachers are going too fast for their classes. Some kids are getting behind already and don't have anyone at home to help them.

    Attend the teacher's “Office Hour” from 2:30-3:30pm for extra assistance.  Another option is to meet with a teacher on Flex Friday. 

    Is it possible for the teams to stay in 1 zoom room and teachers rotate instead? 

    No. For Security reasons teachers have their own dedicated links for Microsoft TEAMS and Zoom. Currently, we are still testing out Zoom use on the iPads with only a few classes.

    Where do I sign up for parent portal?

    Parent tab of the website has a page dedicated with a link & instructions. 

    Why does canvas not show assignments and grades for all classes? 

    An assignment or grade might not be posted by the teacher yet.  Email the specific teacher.

    I am having trouble getting grades because it appears not all teachers are using parent portal.

    Check parent portal maybe once every week or two.  Teachers are entering grades manually by hand, so it may not be updated the day that you check it.  You can also email the teacher to ask if a particular assignment has been graded.

    Has a decision been made on whether or not the scholars will attend in person class beginning 2nd quarter 2020-2021 school year? 

    No. The school board is meeting soon to determine the most-likely solution. They will share their decision via phone, email, social media, etc.  We will share this information as well.

    I just feel my kids grades are struggling without the one on one interaction.

    (Diferent parent) My student is really having a hard time understanding the work.

    Attend the teacher's “Office Hour” from 2:30-3:30pm for extra assistance.  Another option is to meet with a teacher on Flex Friday.

    Not a question, but my child needs in person education!!

    (Diferent parent) My student gets distracted a lot and missing her teachers.

    We understand your concern. The school board is meeting soon to determine the most-likely solution for returning to school. They will share their decision via phone, email, social media, etc.  We will share this information as well.

    I can not get on the parent portal even with the User ID that the school has given me.

    The school does not give you a User ID. You have to create that on your own.  The school gives you an Access ID. Try one more time by looking on the Parent tab of the website. There is a page dedicated with a link & instructions. See “Parent” page of website.

    Once school opens back up will it close time one child is diagnosed with the virus or will it be treated like colleges and school will carry on?

    The school district will make that decision.

    Flex Friday Questions: visit the FLEX FRIDAY page here to get see the explanation the WSFCS gives.

    Does the assignment per class have to be submitted every Friday or by Friday? The individual teacher will decide according to his/her assignment. 

    It says that the student must complete an assignment with each class. I am guessing that is if the teacher gives an assignment for Friday.  Correct

    Do the students know they have assignments on Fridays?  Yes, and we highly encourage students to write them down.

    What assignment does my student do for Flex friday? Email each teacher, but your student should be them writing down.

    I didn’t know about flex Friday, but I know now. Excellent, and always ask the teacher to verify what is expected for FLEX FRIDAY of the week.

    Why is it called Flex Friday if school work is given? Isn't that just Friday then?  This year, the state of North Carolina has decided that school districts must abide by the requirement that students must attend 185 days of school.  So, Flex Friday makes sure students are counted towards attendance & it also gives students an extra day to submit work.

    My student gets kicked out of class a lot and can not always get back into the class.

    Be sure your student has updated the iPad to 13.6.1 (or the most recent update). Also, students should only be using their SCHOOL google account. If students have created a personal google account, it should not be used to log into school apps.


    Sometimes my student will try to join a class and it says someone will let you in but nobody does then shes marked absent.

    Try having your student log in to class immediately after the last class so he/she iss early.  If students are arriving in the "lobby" of class even a few minutes late, it is difficult to continue watching the lobby because they don't have a "view" of it if they have already started class and might be "sharing" their screen for the lesson.


    There needs to be uniformity between teachers of classes and schools.

    Thank you for the suggestion. While we have no control over what other schools are doing, we will share this information with our teachers so that Canvas pages looki more uniform and items can be found in similar places. 


    My student is not doing school work, and I can't keep up with his classwork because I'm working.

    Use email to try to schedule small check-ins with your student's teachers. It would also be helpful to create parent accounts so that you can see when assignments are scheduled & if your student is turning them in on time.