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    Human Resources Development


    WS/FCS will recruit and retain a highly effective and diverse workforce that supports district goals to ensure excellence for all.


    Objectives include: building the capacity of employees to perform at higher levels and developing succession plans. 

    • Objective A – Improve effectiveness and build the capacity of a diverse workforce.
    • Objective B – Develop a coherent onboarding and succession plan to support and retain a high-performing workforce within WS/FCS.
    • Objective C – Attract, recruit, and retain a diverse workforce within WS/FCS.
  • Response to COVID-19

    The health, safety, and welfare of employees is always a focus for WS/FCS, and became even more of a focus for the district during this challenging time.  Therefore the Human Resources Department Collaborated with multiple internal departments and external partners to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

    • In collaboration with WS/FCS Student Services, Human Resources established a Director of Nursing role and launched an internal Contact Tracing Team (one of the few teams that exists within a school district across the state). The Contact Tracing Team worked collaboratively with the Forsyth County Department of Public Health to share permissible information to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by minimizing the time it takes to communicate to employees and students when they are considered a close contact of a positive case. 
    • The Contact Tracing Team also worked with WS/FCS Marketing and Communications to launch and maintain a dashboard with data about positive cases of COVID-19 reported to the school district in order to keep district employees and the community informed.
    • COVID-19 Safety Trainings and Employee Information Sessions were provided throughout the year to keep employees informed of district COVID-19 safety protocols and new developments from the state provided StongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit.
    • The district partnered with Novant Health, Forsyth County Department of Public Health, Wake Baptist Health, area Walgreen’s, and South Side Pharmacy to vaccinate employees and affiliated partners that work with students in our schools.


    NC Education Corps

    NC Education Corps is a joint project of the North Carolina State Board of Education, the governor’s office, and local school districts that was launched in response to COVID-19 yet has the potential to have a long-lasting impact on bringing talented people that work outside education into district education roles. WS/FCS has about 20 NC Ed Corps participants and are in the process of hiring 20 more.  These participants are working as tutors in the remote learning centers and schools. Several are also serving on the Contact Tracing team.  Below is an example of the work of our NC Ed Corps participants.

    I wanted to reach out to you and share a success story. I have a student who has been on my roster since day one but, unfortunately, has not attended more than 2 weeks, collectively. I worked hard to get his mother on board with having all 6 of her children log on and attend class - but to no avail.

    Then...like an angel from heaven, I see my student’s name pop up in my Zoom class on a Monday morning. He was attentive and participated! By that afternoon, I received an email from his NC Ed Corps tutor! A sigh of relief fell over me. The email was focused solely on the student, his schedule, his missing work, etc. At the beginning of this week, that student was making a zero. Now, he has an 88! Having the NC Ed Corps tutor be an advocate and physically be there to ensure he is getting his missing work/current work completed is a Godsend.

    Mr. Frankie J. Santoro, M.Ed.
    8th grade Academically Gifted (AG) Language Arts
    Clemmons Middle School
    February 19, 2021


    Compensation Review

    WS/FCS launched a multi-year salary compensation review for all WS/FCS staff to measure competitiveness with surrounding and other urban districts.  Compensation Committees were formed to use data, research and advocacy to support WS/FCS to meet the district’s mission and vision by implementing competitive compensation levels in order to recruit and retain the best employees.​

    Initial review and analysis of district compensation has begun resulting in approved salary increases for:

    • bus drivers,
    • teacher assistants,
    • child nutrition staff, and 
    • custodians. 

    The project is ongoing and will eventually impact all employee groups.

    Principal and Assistant Principal Talent Pool

    In 2020, WS/FCS launched a selective hiring and talent pool process for school-based administrators that are aligned to the NC School Executive Standards and WS/FCS's newly created School Leader Competencies and Skills.  This rigorous process resulted in the hiring of nearly 20 principals and 40 assistant principals for the 2020-21 school year.  Professional Development, including training and mentoring, was provided to these new school leaders in order to assist them in acclimating to a new district (when they are an experienced external hire) or a new role (when they are an internal hire that has been promoted or moved to a new school). The district will continuously improve this process so it will continue to yield highly talented and diverse school leaders.