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    Climate and Safety


    WS/FCS will foster an inclusive climate that values the safety and well-being of all students, faculty and staff and foster an environment that creates a sense of belonging.


    Objectives include: improving quality of learning environments, school safety, and access to resources for families.

    • Objective A – Improve the quality of the learning environment, student behavior/well-being, and overall safety.
    • Objective B – Improve access to school-based mental and behavioral health supports.
    • Objective C – Promote healthy cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development for all students and staff.
    • Objective D – Implement multi-tiered systems of support that build student strengths, promote success, and foster school-family-community partnerships.
    • Objective E – Develop and sustain a clearinghouse of services and supports to ensure that students and families have equitable access to needed resources.
    • Objective F – Promote a supportive and engaging work environment for all staff.
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

    WS/FCS is committed to the social and emotional well-being of staff, students, and families. To learn how to best support the entire school community, the district launched the online Panorama Social and Emotional Learning Survey.  WS/FCS Staff, 3rd-12th grade students, and all families had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings around social and emotional learning by taking brief online surveys.  Panorama’s Social-Emotional Learning Survey is designed for students to reflect on their school environment and experiences to help educators better support students’ needs. 

    • School-based SEL Liaisons, administrators, and central office staff have been trained in how to use the Panorama platform.  School-based SEL Liaisons and administrators have also been trained to analyze Panorama survey responses to make data-based decisions.
    • Schools have begun to receive training on how to address family responses regarding school climate and safety and develop actionable and measurable steps to respond to family data about school climate and safety.

    WS/FCS staff participates in the NC SEL and Equity Project.  The goals of the program are to help the district:

    1. provide access to social and emotional learning (SEL) and equity professional development and coaching for your LEA,
    2. integrate SEL and equity throughout the layers of a Multi-Tiered System of support,
    3. learn and share with other NC SEL & Equity Project participants,
    4. demonstrate SEL implementation-based district and/or schoolwide SEL indicators, and
    5. demonstrate the positive impact on students’ outcomes.

    Restorative Practices

    WS/FCS fully supports and partners with Triad Restorative Justice to implement the Lead Together Initiative. Lead Together is a student-led initiative that will allow the district to develop learning circles with groups of youth demonstrating a higher need for relational support. A school resource officer (SRO), a school administrator, and Student Services staff will also paticipate.

    School Resource Officers and school staff have received training in developing a restorative mindset, based on the fundamental principles of restorative practices.  This program is being piloted at Carver and Reagan High Schools.

    By participating in this initiative, WS/FCS believes following outcomes will be achieved.

    • Youth involved will gain leadership experience in designing and facilitating circles.
    • Youth involved will develop a stronger sense of self-agency to share from their own experience in discussions with adults, especially adults in authority.
    • Youth will develop a stronger sense of self-awareness that will help them navigate through their own personal conflicts with others.
    • SROs and other adults will gain skills and insight to be more effective in responding to youth-related incidents of conflict.
    • Over time, schools will see a reduction in the number of school-based referrals to the justice system.

    A Restorative Practice Steering Committee has been developed in which all members have been trained in Restorative Practices.  The Steering Committee has planned to train and facilitate restorative practice strategies with schools for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.  Scheduled Lunch and Learns will provide administrators with an overview of the program and provide Q&A sessions.

    Code of Conduct

    To improve climate and safety, and foster an environment that creates a sense of belonging, a steering committee was organized to evaluate the WS/FCS Code of Conduct. The Steering Committee is currently:

    • reviewing the WS/FCS Code of Conduct and comparing its policies, practices, and structures alongside other school districts in North Carolina and Georgia,
    • anaylzing intensive data dive to review the disproportionality in discipline, and
    • consulting with Engaging Schools on strategies pertaining to Code of Conduct assessment, recalibration, orientation, and implementation.