• Plan B Reopening FAQs

Our Phased Reopening Approach

  • What is the reasoning behind the phased return to school for students?

  • What is a “cohort”? How will cohorts be determined?

  • What is the point of sending students back in December when they will be going on Holiday break after Dec 18?

  • Do we know that we’ll have enough teachers and staff returning to our schools?

  • How much does the phased reopening plan cost? How will it be paid for?

School Logistics

  • What is happening with bus transportation?

  • How will school morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups work?

  • What if a student shows up at school on the wrong day?

  • Will the cafeteria be open and serving food? How will that be done?

  • What efforts are high schools making in terms of assisting seniors with post-graduation plans in a virtual environment during the fall?

  • For teachers with children who are not at school or cannot be left at home, I understand they will be able to bring their children to school with them. How will those children be supervised?

Virtual/Remote/In-Person Learning

  • Our family is just getting the hang of Remote Learning – can my student stay remote even if their class is going some days in person?


  • What will communications look like if there are verified cases with students and staff?

Health & Safety

  • What safety precautions will be taken when we go back?

  • What type of health screenings are being conducted at school?

  • Why won’t temperatures be taken before children get on buses, waiting until they get to school?

  • What will a school do if a student or staff member begins feeling ill?

  • Are masks required for all students of all ages? What about teachers? Will masks and other PPE be provided?

  • Governor Cooper said every student will receive 5 masks, how will they get distributed? What if my student needs more masks?

  • Will every school have access to a trained health professional?