• Media and Technology Advisory Commitee 2020-2021 (MTAC)
    Laura Lyons, Media Coordinator/ Chair
    Lisa Bodenheimer, Principal
    Chris Holbrook, Assistant Principal
    Brittany Polk, Assistant Principal
    Erin Eberle, Instructional Technologist
    Christine Scott, Curriculum Coordinator
    Catherine Pritchard, Guidance
    Jeremy Jessup, Guidance
    Betty Jo Moore, 6th grade Science
    Leeann Lundquist, 6th grade Science and Parent Rep
    Yasmine McWilliams, 7th grade Science
    Amber Shelton, 7th grade Math
    Danielle Henley, 8th grade Social Studies
    Katie Rainey, 8th grade Social Studies
    Harry Morley, EC
    Amy Payton, Encore (Art)